Lizenz- und Servicebedingungen & Repository

Suchen Sie nach den Lizenz- oder Servicebedingungen, die für Ihre Verwendung von Symantec-Produkten und -Services gelten, es sei denn, Sie verfügen über eine andere Vereinbarung direkt mit Symantec, die Ihre Nutzung der Produkte und Services regelt.

Geben Sie ein Schlüsselwort (wie den Namen eines Produkts, Service oder Dokuments) und die Sprache ein, um die gültigen Lizenz- oder Servicebedingungen aufzufinden. Verwenden Sie in Ihrer Suche nicht das Wort "Symantec".

Not sure how to search? Please read this guide for suggestions.

For audit reports and root policies relevant to Symantec’s Certificate Authority business (including Symantec, Thawte, GeoTrust, and RapidSSL), please visit the Certificate Authority Repository.

For Norton license terms, please visit the Norton Product License Agreements and Third Party Notices.

If you have a manually or digitally‐signed agreement (“Signed Agreement”) which governs the use of the products or services acquired from Symantec or an authorized channel partner, the Signed Agreement will apply. If you do not have a Signed Agreement, then use of the products and services is pursuant to the applicable published terms and conditions.

To confirm, if there are any deployment or usage limitations defined in any applicable published terms and conditions or Signed Agreement regarding Symantec products or services (“Symantec Solutions”), you may deploy and use the affected Symantec Solutions in that geographical region.  If there are no deployment and usage limitations, you may deploy and use the affected Symantec Solutions globally (subject always to applicable export provisions).