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Solutions for Public Health

Public Health

Solutions for Public Health

From protecting information on mobile devices to securing, archiving and storing sensitive data, Symantec offers an array of diverse IT solutions to help government hospitals and administrators achieve all of their healthcare objectives. To align with government healthcare objectives, Symantec is focused on delivering solutions that solve today’s most pressing healthcare challenges. Our solutions help government agencies maintain 24x7 operation of critical IT systems, protect against malware, automate processes to meet reporting and regulatory requirements such as FISMA and HIPAA, and maintain state privacy law requirements.
Symantec’s information technology portfolio aligns with government agencies overall healthcare initiatives—to protect people and their sensitive information—and in doing so, helps streamline the way agencies deliver and manage healthcare services. Our Healthcare solutions are designed to solve six core healthcare challenges. They include:
  • Enabling adoption of Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR)
  • Managing mobility and the ‘consumerization’ of healthcare
  • Protecting against cyber security threats
  • Managing storage growth and data consolidation
  • Sharing and Protecting patient information (e.g. Health Information Exchanges); and managing regulatory and reporting requirements.


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