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Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition

Die von Symantec Insight unterstützte Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition verbindet schnelle und sehr effektive Endgerätesicherheit mit erstklassigem Messaging-Schutz und innovativer Internetsicherheit - für einen besseren Schutz von Endgeräten.


ESG Whitepaper: The Growing Need for Endpoint Risk and Operations Management (EROM)

Today's disconnected endpoint security and operations management are no match for the rapidly changing endpoint devices and sophisticated threat environment. In this white paper, Jon Oltsik of the Enterprise Strategy Group explores a new, integrated approach to security called, Endpoint Risk and Operations Management (EROM). By bringing security, operations, and desktop support together, organizations will be able to improve security, automate policies, reduce complexity, and simplify endpoint operations.

ESG Market Report: Augmenting Data Backup and Recovery with System-level Protection

File-level recovery on its own, while an important mainstay in data protection best practices, is an incomplete strategy when it comes to meeting today’s stringent recovery time objectives (RTOs). System-level recovery can enhance or even eliminate manual, operator-driven recovery and deliver significant benefits to IT organizations. Find out what’s at risk, where system-level recovery fits relative to current data protection approaches, the impact system-level recovery can have on IT’s ability to meet RTOs and RPOs, and the potential of system-level recovery to reduce costs.
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