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Athens International Airport S.A.

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Europa, Naher Osten, Afrika | Transport | Großunternehmen

Athens International Airport, S.A. (AIA) is continually innovating to ensure the 16 million passengers that travel through the major European hub every year receive a consistently reliable and secure experience. One of the major steps the airport has taken in this regard is data encryption. Using the extensible PGP encryption technologies from Symantec, AIA is defending confidential data throughout its operations, encrypting email messages, shared files, data on laptops, and other mobile endpoint devices.

Anwenderbericht im Detail


  • WEBSITE: www.aia.gr
  • INDUSTRY: Transportation
  • HEADQUARTERS: Athens, Greece
  • EMPLOYEES: 750
  • MAJOR SOUTH-EAST EUROPE AIR-HUB: Caters for more than 16 million passengers annually


  • Users: 750
  • Servers: 200 (130 physical, 70 virtual)
  • Servers: HP
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows 2003/2008, Red Hat and SUSE Linux
  • Applications: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory
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