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CEBI Foundation

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Europa, Naher Osten, Afrika | Bildungswesen |

As a nonprofit organization, the CEBI Foundation wants technology to be easy, reliable, and cost-effective. Symantec delivers on that mission, providing the Portuguese organization with an appliance-based all-in-one data protection solution that lowers storage by 80 percent, reduces missed jobs to almost zero, and cuts administration by 50 percent. Symantec Endpoint Protection replaces McAfee: protecting 250 endpoints from 25 percent more malware threats, lowering endpoint administration time by 80 percent, and delivering breakthrough performance.

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Endpoint Protection


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Anwenderbericht im Detail

Installierte Produkte

Endpoint Protection


  • Website: www.fcebi.org
  • Industry: Nonprofit
  • Headquarters: Alverca, Portugal


  • End users: 1,000
  • Endpoints: 250
  • Servers: Intel-based HP Proliant DL 380 and 1 NEC Express 5800
  • Storage: NEC D-Series SAN
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 (servers); Windows XP/7 (desktops) (both 32 and 64 bits systems are used)
  • Virtualization: 2 physical servers support 3 virtual servers (Active Directory, applications, file share & print)
  • Applications: SQL Server-based bespoke ERP, for billing, accounting and HR; school administration
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