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Slovak Telekom, a. s.

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Mention Open Source antispam freeware to Milan Slovák or Róbert Kocúr and you’re likely to be shown the door. These two expert IT security practitioners at Slovak Telecom were relying on this outmoded approach to tackling spam within the company’s ISP services, however, spam was rife, there were too many false-positive complaints, and the performance was lacklustre. By standardizing instead on Symantec BrightmailTM Traffic Shaper and Symantec BrightmailTM Message Filter, Slovak Telekom now has a highly effective spam filter which defends the ISP service against spam, phishing, and other unwanted email. As part of a highly successful deployment managed by Symantec Consulting Services, this forward-thinking messaging security solution has helped Slovak Telekom reduce total email and spam volumes by 60 percent, effectively handle up to 250,000 user accounts, and process thousands of messages per second.

Anwenderbericht im Detail

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Slovak Telekom Group, which―through its companies Slovak Telekom, a. s., T-Mobile Slovensko, a. s., Zoznam, s.r.o., and Zoznam Mobile, s.r.o.―has become a leading communications services provider for residential as well as business customers. With Deutsche Telekom AG sitting on its shoulder as the majority shareholder, Slovak Telekom has pioneered the roll-out of innovative telecommunication services to the country’s 5.4 million population, including fixed lines, mobile services, and Internet content services.


  • Endusers: 250,000 (antispam), 50,400 (antivirus)
  • Hardware: 2x Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 Servers, 8 Core 1.2GHz UltraSPARC T2 processor, 16GB memory; 4x SMS-8160 (DELL PowerEdge 1950)
  • Operating Systems: Solaris 10 for Sun servers, Linux for SMS-8160 appliances
  • Applications: Sun Java Systems Messaging Server
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