User Authentication

  • Protect online identities and interactions between consumers, partners and employees
  • Provide users with authentication credentials for mobile devices that make them both more secure and easier to use
  • Deliver strong, two-factor, device and user authentication or solutions for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services
Certificates for Mobile Devices Digital certificates emerge as an enterprise’s premier security credential; Symantec Managed PKI Service emerges as the best-in-class solution for managing those certificates.
Report: Cost of Ownership: Managed PKI Explore the hidden costs of PKI when implemented in-house and discover how Symantec Managed PKI Service is an extremely cost-effective alternative.
Safe Mobile Apps for Financial Services Learn how using Symantec VIP Service can be used to quickly and easily protect mobile applications.
VIP Two-Factor Authentication a Total Cost of Ownership Viewpoint: Find out how VIP can save you 47% compared to RSA SecurID.
User Authentication

Symantec User Authentication helps you:

  1. Validation and ID Protection (VIP): provide strong authentication that combines something you know (e.g. a password) with something you have (a card, token, or mobile phone) plus tokenless, risk-based authentication methods all in a single platform
  2. Risk-based authentication: VIP Intelligent Authentication leverages device and behavior profiling to identify risky login attempts and prevent unauthorized access to SSL VPNs and web-based applications
  3. Symantec Managed PKI Service: delivers a proven and trusted solution to secure mission-critical interactions, applications with a requirement for Digital IDs such as Secure Email, authentication to wireless infrastructure, or digitally signed and encrypted digital documents
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