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Symantec User Authentication Solutions

Strong Authentication for your network, web, and mobile devices

  • Passwordless Authentication is here
    Symantec VIP gives users the ultimate in convenience for validating a login from a smartphone or tablet. Simple, smart, secure.
  • Symantec User Authentication Solutions
    Symantec’s strong user authentication solutions provide convenient, secure, cloud-based two-factor user authentication and public key infrastructure (PKI) services for protecting online identities and interactions between consumers, business partners, and employees.
  • Internet of Things
    Internet of Things
    Symantec Device Authentication enables the players in the IoT ecosystem to secure and encrypt communications for connected devices to prevent unauthorized access to systems and networks.

Why Symantec?

Symantec, a leading provider of cloud-based strong authentication provides a comprehensive solution, with a lower total cost of ownership than major competitors, and superior security and scalability to protect your online identities and interactions.

Symantec is a leading provider of Strong Authentication

  • Symantec is one of the top 3 vendors of strong authentication in the world* with over 400,000 clients worldwide
  • 15 million VIP credentials currently under management
  • 220 million PKI device certificates
  • 12 million credential downloads / month
  • 3 billion secure certificate validations a day/over 1000 validations a second
  • 15 million certificates issued from processing centers
* IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Identity and Access Management 2011 Vendor Assessment

User Authentication Solutions that reduce cost and complexity while increasing flexibility

  • Symantec’s cloud-based approach allows the deployment of strong authentication without the expense of deploying and maintaining dedicated on-premise infrastructure and reduces the burden on IT and the cost of staffing.
  • No-cost options for smartphones and completely token-less risk-based strong authentication are flexible and cost-effective alternatives to token based options.
  • Hardware tokens at a fraction of the cost of major competitors with no expiration dates –means no renewal fees.
  • Free software and desktop credentials, support for over 850 mobile devices, out-of-band, digital certificates, and over 100 different hardware credentials allow organizations to select the right authentication method for their users and use cases.
  • Support for a variety of VPNs, webmail, web browser software, SSO applications, corporate directories, and an API make integrating with existing infrastructure fast and easy.
  • Automated certificate lifecycle management and self-service credential provisioning further simplifies the administrator and end-user experience.

Symantec User Authentication Solutions are designed and operated for strong security

  • 15-year track record and unparalleled proven expertise at building, running, and securing an Internet-scale cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Unsurpassed reliability - 100% uptime for over four years.
  • Symantec's robust infrastructure includes military-grade data centers and disaster recovery sites physically and logically separated from Symantec’s corporate network – with 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring, management, and escalation across the globe for unparalleled customer data protection, availability and peace of mind.
  • Symantec’s infrastructure is rigorously and regularly audited by independent third parties including annually certification by KPMG® as part of a SSAE 16/SOC 2 security audit, a regular WebTrust® audit for Certification Authority and several other US Federal Government certifications required for the issuance of high assurance IDs for government contractors and agencies.
  • Continued investment in research and infrastructure help Symantec maintain standards among the highest in the industry, stay well ahead of evolving security risks, as well as develop products to meet our customer’s needs.


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