Cold Site/Disaster Recovery Rights Policy
This policy defines the rights a customer has to deploy Symantec’s business products in a cold site/disaster recovery environment and/or on cold disaster recovery equipment.
Disaster Recovery Categorization Supplement
This document is a supplement to the Cold Site/Disaster Recovery Rights Policy. It defines the three disaster recovery rights’ categories and how Symantec’s business products are categorized.
End of Life Policy of Symantec Business Software Products
This policy describes how customers can access versions of our business products that have reached their End of Life (“EOL”). It also describes the support services that Symantec typically provides during the End of Life process.
End of Life Policy for Appliances
This policy describes End of Life ("EOL") details for Appliances. Symantec provides Appliance Support for up to five (5) years after the EOL announcement for each Appliance with a valid Support Agreement unless otherwise noted.
Enterprise Support Services Handbook
This Handbook provides an overview of the Symantec Essential Support and Basic Maintenance offerings available from Symantec, including definitions of programs, processes and procedures. The Handbook is not contractually binding, but will help you learn more about how to leverage your Symantec Enterprise Support Services contract, and provides valuable information on how to access the support services available to you. A copy of the Handbook is located at https://mysupport.symantec.com.
Enterprise Technical Support Policy
This policy describes the Support Services we provide to business customers for Software covered under active Support Agreements.
Remote Access Standard Terms
In order to help you resolve technical issues, Symantec may offer remote diagnostics and troubleshooting. Before implementing such remote access we will require your express consent to the service terms.
Site License Add-On Policy
This policy outlines the process for adding funds or funds plus product to a site license contract.
Global Enterprise Renewals Policy
The purpose of this document is to communicate Symantec's Enterprise Maintenance/Support Renewals Policy to our Channel Partners and Customers.
Software Version Upgrade Policy
This policy outlines how Symantec makes a software version upgrade generally available to its customers who have a current support agreement in place for that business product.
Using EFlex Funds for IB Transfer Policy
This policy documents the requirements and process for allowing its customers to perform the same license transfers permitted in Enterprise Flex (Eflex) Standard deals (i.e. platform transfers, tier transfer, and cross-grades) on your install base (IB) licenses using your Eflex funds.


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