Knowing your users can access the cloud from anywhere is comforting

Knowing your users can access the cloud from anywhere is terrifying

You can count on your employees to access everything, from everywhere

It’s getting more difficult to protect your users—even from themselves. So, as you move critical data, apps, and systems between on-premises and cloud environments, you need an integrated approach – across web, Internet, email, SaaS - to keep everything (and everyone) secure.

Securing your enterprise means managing access

Set up multi-factor authentication

Maintain productivity while ensuring that only authorized users have access to networks and apps.

Enforce uniform policies

Enforce consistent security policies across all on-premises and cloud environments.

Maintain full compliance

Log and report on access and activity for all your clouds.

Manage shadow IT

Deter unsanctioned usage with a network-based control point for managing access to cloud and web apps.

See why access governance makes all the difference

Connecting your authorized users to their information is what the Cloud Generation is all about. Whether it’s web, email, SaaS or your internal applications, discover how Symantec innovates continuously to make it safer than ever to use the cloud to move to the cloud—all while ensuring that your enterprise stays completely secure.

SaaS without risk:

Symantec CloudSOC CASB Gateway

Your first step to governance with control

Confidently deploy cloud applications and services while staying safe, secure, and compliant. Gain visibility into shadow IT, governance over data in cloud apps, and protection against threats targeting cloud accounts with the proven solution Forrester calls, “A leader in cloud security gateways.”

Access without chaos:

Symantec Web Security Service

Your first step to access governance

Expanding usage of web apps, rapid cloud adoption, and the growth of mobility and remote users exposes your network to increased risk. Learn how Symantec Web Security Service lets you take back control of access across multiple authentication systems to protect your users from threats and secure their data.

Additional products for access governance

Symantec VIP

Enterprise-grade authentication simplifies access for users.


Symantec CloudSOC

Keep your business secure and compliant while using cloud apps.


Symantec Email

Protects against malware, malicious links and spam across email.


Symantec Endpoint Protection

Security as a service with easy deployment and management.



"The typical enterprise has 1,232 cloud apps in use, many of which are not approved by IT.”

–1H 2017 Shadow Data Report

Resources for conquering the cloud chaos

Symantec 2018 Shadow Data Report

The Symantec Shadow Data Report covers key trends and challenges organizations face when trying to ensure their sensitive data in cloud apps and services remains secure and compliant.

Forrester Wave™ Report

Learn about Cloud Security Gateways in this Forrester Wave report. Forrester evaluates solutions from a number of vendors that are designed to address critical cloud security and compliance issues that enterprises face when adopting public SaaS applications.

Request a Shadow IT Risk Assessment

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