Better Backup with Disk

Backup Modernization with Disk
Addressing Data Growth with Deduplication
Symantec NetBackup Appliances Reduces Operating Expenditures
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Smarter Way to Manage Data Growth: Intelligent Deduplication

Symantec Modernizes Backup

Symantec NetBackup has modernized backup through its use of disk-based backup. Disk provides both technical and business benefits that reflect its inherent characteristics; greater performance and reliability.

Within backup and recovery, Symantec leverages the benefits of disk and enables additional functionality such as intelligent end-to end deduplication and bare metal restore (BMR):

Intelligent End-to-End Deduplication

NetBackup delivers >deduplication everywhere, from data centers of all sizes to remote, globally dispersed sites, and provides an enterprise-class foundation for reducing the cost and complexity of data growth attributed to virtualization. Symantec NetBackup 5220 has built-in ability to deduplicate data in the backup stream at any point from source to target storage. It provides the flexibility to switch the location of deduplication processing among source client, backup server, and target storage without affecting the overall deduplication rate. No other provider has the ability to deploy such a flexible and cost-effective solution built right into backup software. And no other provider can support both backup to disk with third partner partners, in addition to the highly scalable NetBackup appliance solutions.

Bare Metal Restore

Integrated and included at no extra charge, Bare Metal Restore provides automated server recovery of physical or virtual machines (P2P, P2V, V2P, and V2V), including the ability to perform a restore to a dissimilar server and/or a dissimilar disk configuration. This feature boasts a complete system recovery time of approximately 15 minutes on Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms.

Symantec NetBackup incorporates disk-based backup to leverage the benefits of disk in both intelligent end-to-end deduplication and bare metal restore. These features ensure organizations can address the business challenges of today while preparing for the needs of tomorrow.

Supporting Disk Backup with Storage Partners

Symantec extends its ease of use and technology benefits by supporting third party disk products in its backup architecture through the OpenStorage (OST) initiative. The OpenStorage initiative is an exciting innovation that allows NetBackup to take advantage of new features found in enterprise storage devices, including, but not limited to storage deduplication, replication, and energy efficiency.

Business Value: the OpenStorage initiative allows customers to better utilize advanced, disk-based storage solutions from qualified partners. Tighter integration between the backup software and storage allows customers to increase the efficiency and performance of their existing assets using an easy-to-deploy, purpose-built appliance that does not have the limitation of tape emulation devices.

Some advantages include:
  • Increased control and utilization of information and hardware
  • Improved speed and reduced complexity of recovery during a disaster

Technical Value: the NetBackup OpenStorage API allows partners to write plug-ins to their storage appliances that allow NetBackup to control when backup images are created, duplicated, and deleted. This also allows partner appliances to control how the images are stored and copied between appliances. In this manner, partners add unique business value to a joint solution with their own specialized technological innovations.

Symantec extends NetBackup benefits by supporting third party disk products through the OST initiative.

Symantec NetBackup Appliances

Symantec understands the shifting needs of the data center and offers NetBackup appliances as a backup to disk option for customers. NetBackup appliances simplify deployment, installation, administration, and support of market-leading NetBackup.

NetBackup appliances are ideal for customers looking to implement turnkey solutions for their organization. The appliances enable efficient, storage-optimized data protection for the data center, remote office, and virtual environments

  • Scalable Architecture - NetBackup appliances have a flexible and scalable architecture and can be deployed as an all-in-one backup server with intelligent end-to-end deduplication or in a configuration of multiple backup appliances (media servers) that can move hundreds of TB of data per day. In addition, NetBackup appliances can be used in conjunction with NetBackup software deployments on other servers to minimize vendor hardware lock-in.
  • Intelligent End-to-End Deduplication - NetBackup appliances are the only single-vendor enterprise backup appliances that provide intelligent end-to-end deduplication - both source and target side deduplication. NetBackup appliances can be combined within a single deployment to accommodate up to 192TB of end-to-end global deduplication.

NetBackup appliances enable you to easily build up and deploy your organization's backup and deduplication strategy for effective information management. Leverage this simple backup to disk solution in your NetBackup environment to maximize IT staff time, operations, and storage investment.

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