Unified Global Snapshot Management

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Replication Director reduces costs and risk by leveraging snapshot and backup infrastructure.

Snapshot Backup – Better RPO

Snapshots are rapidly becoming a key component of data protection strategies for a growing number of enterprises. Protecting applications with snapshot technologies, particularly those that are mission-critical or have very large data sets, can be very fast, with near zero impact on performance. Taking advantage of this improved level of data protection performance and efficiencies now make it possible to perform snapshots with increased frequency, which can greatly improve SLA performance for Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).

Better Snapshot Management

The rise in snapshot use has added new challenges for the enterprise. Proliferation of point tools that don’t work and talk together, are increasing risk, time, and uncertainty for recovery. If you add in explosive data growth, costs can spiral out of control for redundant skills and training required for each point solution. The NetBackup Platform solves these challenges with its global view and advanced recovery technologies as the perfect integration point to consolidate and manage the entire lifecycle of snapshots and recovery all from a single management console.

Better Snapshot Recovery

Simplification starts with reducing the number of steps required to do something. Fewer steps result in a simpler process, ultimately leading to a better and more predictable outcome. Leveraging existing snapshot deployments and the NetBackup Platform global infrastructure, Replication Director unifies, automates, simplifies, and reduces the steps and expensive resources required for snapshot backup, search, and recovery from any snapshot, anywhere. Unified snapshot backup management can reduce costs and risk, with better performance for Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).