Data Loss Prevention

Today’s workforces need simple and secure access to their data when they are on the move to stay productive and competitive. As data moves freely between your network and cloud applications, and is being accessed on multiple devices, it’s becoming even more important to track your sensitive data.
Enable ‘anywhere, anytime’ productivity without sacrifice with Symantec Data Loss Prevention and Data Loss Prevention for Mobile.
White Paper: DLP for Tablets Are tablets invading your enterprise? Learn about options for securing data on tablets and why DLP technology should be considered.
Webcast: 2011 Cost of Data Breach Report During this webcast, you will learn best practices for avoiding a breach by implementing an integrated security strategy.
Video: A CISO’s Guide for Success with DLP Gartner VP, Paul Proctor, shares his advice on how you can achieve success with DLP in four steps while improving your relevance to the organization.
Data Loss Prevention

Symantec Data Loss Prevention enables you to:

  • Reduce the proliferation of confidential data across enterprise data centers, client systems, remote offices and end-user machines
  • Identify broken business processes transmitting confidential data
  • Monitor and protect communications of sensitive content to public websites
  • Define and deploy universal policies across the enterprise

And with Data Loss Prevention for Mobile, you can:

  • Prevent personal identifiable information and intellectual property from being leaked through cloud-based apps like Gmail, Facebook™, Twitter™ and Dropbox™
  • Proactively monitor web communications, apps and email
  • Reinforce proper user behavior with real-time alerts to the user when data is mishandled
  • Use a non-agent approach that doesn’t impact device performance

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