User Authentication

  • Protect online identities and interactions between consumers, partners and employees
  • Provide users with authentication credentials for mobile devices that make them both more secure and easier to use
  • Deliver strong, two-factor, device and user authentication or solutions for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services
Certificates for Mobile Devices Digital certificates emerge as an enterprise’s premier security credential; Symantec Managed PKI Service emerges as the best-in-class solution for managing those certificates.
Report: Cost of Ownership: Managed PKI Explore the hidden costs of PKI when implemented in-house and discover how Symantec Managed PKI Service is an extremely cost-effective alternative.
Safe Mobile Apps for Financial Services Learn how using Symantec VIP Service can be used to quickly and easily protect mobile applications.
User Authentication

Symantec User Authentication helps you:

  1. Validation and ID Protection (VIP): provide strong authentication that combines something you know (e.g. a password) with something you have (a card, token, or mobile phone) plus tokenless, risk-based authentication methods all in a single platform
  2. Risk-based authentication: VIP Intelligent Authentication leverages device and behavior profiling to identify risky login attempts and prevent unauthorized access to SSL VPNs and web-based applications
  3. Symantec Managed PKI Service: delivers a proven and trusted solution to secure mission-critical interactions, applications with a requirement for Digital IDs such as Secure Email, authentication to wireless infrastructure, or digitally signed and encrypted digital documents
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