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Addressing The Skills Gap In Your Cyber Security Team webinar

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Dridex: The Financial Threat Clogging Our Mailboxes

Join our webinar and gain valuable insights on Dridex, the fast-spreading financial Trojan.


Internet Security Threat Report, Volume 21


Enhance your endpoint and email security with Advanced Threat Protection

Uncover, prioritize, and remediate advanced attacks,
leveraging your existing installations.

"Symantec is the global overall market leader in Endpoint Security, Email Security, Data Loss Prevention and SSL Certificates*"

Threat Protection

  • Protect against the most advanced threats with complete protection from endpoint to email to servers to cloud
  • Detect 30% more threats with cross-control point visibility and remediation**
  • Go beyond signatures to track indicators of attack as they emerge
  • Leverage everything that Symantec sees globally with one of the world’s largest cyber-intelligence networks

Information Protection

  • Safeguard your information from endpoint to email to servers to cloud
  • Keep track of your sensitive data in motion, at rest, or in use
  • Give access only to users who need it
  • Encrypt your data it in case it falls into the wrong hands

Cyber Security Services

  • Extend your team with our team, around the clock, around the world
  • Shorten the time between detection and response
  • Respond to incidents with speed and precision
  • Proactively counter emerging threats

Website Security

  • Secures more than one million web servers worldwide
  • Protects your business with innovation that goes beyond SSL/TLS
  • Issues 7 out of 10 code signing certificates worldwide
  • Provides a safer way to buy online with Norton Secured Seal
*Based on WW Revenue Leadership:
  • Worldwide Messaging Security Market Shares, 2015: Concern Over Targeted Threats, IDC, Oct 2015
  • Worldwide Data Loss Prevention 2014–2018 Forecast and 2013 Vendor Shares, IDC, Nov 2014
  • Worldwide Endpoint Security 2014–2018 Forecast and 2013 Vendor Shares, IDC, Aug 2014
  • Analysis of the Global SSL Certificates Markets, Frost & Sullivan, Nov 2014
** Miercom Report: DR150218C, April 2015
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