Consume Cloud Services

Directly use services delivered from Symantec’s cloud to simplify your IT, drive down your costs, and get to market faster.
Simplify your security and backup with services from Symantec’s clouds.
Simplify your security and backup with services from Symantec’s clouds.
  • Avoid expensive and complicated infrastructure build-outs
  • Consume services as needed, pay only for use
  • Enjoy world class customer support from the market leader
Cloud Security Services (2:34)
Learn about the importance of email & web security solutions delivered from the cloud.
Discover the Benefits of a Cloud-based Security Provider
Find out why so many people are moving to solutions delivered from the cloud.
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Symantec Protection Delivered from the Cloud

Hosted services allow businesses to consume more IT services without assuming significant responsibilities of installing, managing and maintaining new hardware, systems or software. Directly consuming cloud-based services requires up front evaluation and ongoing oversight to ensure your information remains safe and available.
Businesses are looking to simplify their IT by relying on cloud service providers to deliver more and more of the IT stack. In this model, the provider must ensure your information remains protected.
Consume Cloud Services

Symantec Cloud-based Protection

A cloud-based solution is only as good as its ability to deliver upon its promises. In the business-critical areas of security and data protection, Symantec provides a backbone of strength that makes it safe to consume services from the cloud:
  • Proven: With Symantec, your services are backed by industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs) -- 24x7x365 customer-support. Symantec has a more than an 11-year track record of success delivering services in more than 100 countries.
  • Pre-integrated hosted solutions: Select among SaaS-based solutions designed and pre-tested to work with each other and with your current infrastructure investments.
  • Performance-driven: Start small and grow – Symantec cloud services scale with your enterprise, delivering the performance you need as you need it.
Get the services you want, the way you want them from Symantec’s world class clouds.
White Paper: Reduce Complexity

Symantec Solutions Available from the Cloud

Authentication Services

Communication Security

Services to protect your systems and users from spam, viruses and inappropriate content while enforcing acceptable use policies.

Data Protection & Management

Services to backup, encrypt, archive, recover and secure email communications and files to protect business productivity and proprietary data.

End User Protection

Services to keep your employees safe from Web-based threats, viruses and the latest malware designed to target your endpoint systems.

Managed Security Services

Services to build and sustain a resilient security incident and event management program.
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