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Telus Communications Company

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North America | Communications | Enterprise

In order to consistently meet customer SLAs without adding to backup staff headcount, Telus Communications Company uses Symantec’s data protection solutions and business-critical services. Results include three petabytes of data backed up weekly without adding to backup staff headcount, minimizing IT overhead, greater than 99% recovery success rate, 98% backup success rate across 16 data centers, up to eightfold faster backups for VMware environments, and able to meet customer SLAs with Symantec Business Critical Services.

Success Details

Organization Profile

  • Website: www.telus.com
  • Industry: Communications
  • Headquarters: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
  • Founded: 1999
  • Employees: 41,100


  • Server platform/operating systems: Oracle Sun Fire, Oracle Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Applications: SAP, Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Databases: Oracle, IBM DB2
  • Storage platforms: HDS, EMC, NetApp
  • Tape drives: IBM System Storage; Oracle StorageTek T10000A, T10000B, and T10000C
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