Cyber Insurance

Gain deeper visibility into the cyber security resilience of your prospects and measure cyber insurance risk leveraging the strength of Symantec’s cyber security intelligence

Transform Cyber Underwriting Process

Make your underwriting process fast and efficient by including dynamic questionnaires tailored to a specific policy, industry, geography and company type. Refine your risk selection by enhancing your understanding about a potential insured using publicly available security and demographic information about that company, and aggregated data for comparable peers, using Symantec’s product telemetry. Identify critical vulnerabilities in your potential insureds and provide guidance on security practices versus peers to remediate before binding a policy or completing a renewal.

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Optimize Insurance Portfolio Management

Accurately model a variety of cyber catastrophes that could lead to multi-client claims, based on Symantec’s global cyber security intelligence, data and insights from a network of over 500 security researchers. Track portfolio risk with loss projections by stress testing your customer portfolio against potential cyber catastrophe scenarios and improve your preparedness in managing cyber risks. Grow your book of business systematically with a portfolio diversification strategy to increase your cyber insurance capacity.

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Leverage the World’s Leading Security Platform and Researchers

Symantec operates one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks. Symantec gathers and analyzes petabytes of cyber security data on global threat actors, cyber attacks, security incidents and data breaches and leverages this data to gain a deep understanding of the threat landscape for insurers.

Symantec’s vast global data and intelligence network reveals aggregated metrics on cyber risk by geography, industry, company size and the unique attributes that make companies more vulnerable to attack. Actuaries, underwriters, brokers and insureds can tap into Symantec’s threat intelligence using data tools that provide unprecedented visibility to make informed business decisions.

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Gain the Best of Cyber Insurance and Security in One Offering

Symantec is partnering with the world’s leading carriers to build customized product offerings and packages for our joint customers to improve their security and financial resilience simultaneously through Symantec’s Cyber Insurance Partner Program. This enables customers to reduce the risk associated with cyber attacks and more rapidly recover from the financial cost of cyber events.

Using Symantec’s products and services, our joint customers raise awareness of cyber security amongst their staff, implement proactive security controls before an attack occurs, prepare for breaches with incident response plans, recover from events with our incident response teams and transfer cost through an insurer’s cyber insurance policies.

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