Buying Programs

Enterprise licensing

Whether you are a small business, a large enterprise organization, or part of the Public Sector, Symantec has created a buying program for you.

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Express Program

The Symantec Express program is designed especially for small to mid-sized companies that need an easy way to purchase small license quantities for use within a single country—without the time-consuming negotiations and complexity of signing contracts.

Rewards Program

The Symantec Rewards buying programs offers medium and large companies and their enrolled affiliates a streamlined way to purchase with cumulative volume-purchase incentives, predictable pricing, and the flexibility of decentralized purchasing.

Subscription & Services Program

Offers companies a streamlined way to purchase products and services on a subscription basis with discounts based on volume of products and services purchased.

Volume Purchase Agreement (VPA)

The Symantec Volume Purchase Agreement (VPA) buying program offers large companies pre-determined contractual discounts for themselves and their approved affiliates.

Value Government Program

Offers qualified government entities a streamlined way to purchase, without the complexity of signed contracts or financial commitments

Symantec Academic Subscription Program

The Symantec Academic Subscription buying program streamlines the way authorized academic institutions and charities throughout the world purchase Symantec software products.

Academic Program

This buying program offers academic institutions and charitable organizations a way to purchase without signed contracts or commitments.


The Symantec Eflex buying program offers large companies the ability to prepay for flexible deployment rights over a fixed period.