Fireglass Threat Isolation

Web Isolation Eliminates Threats and Prevents Breaches in Real-Time

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Fireglass Threat Isolation

Isolation creates a secure execution environment between users and the web.

Web requests from browsers and email redirected to isolation environment. All potentially malicious content is executed remotely, and only a safe visual stream is sent to the user.

  • Eliminates malware from reaching user – keeps it virtual
  • Allow safe access to risky and uncategorized sites
  • Eliminates risks of malicious email links

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Clientless Protection from Advanced Threats

Transparent Clientless Rendering (TCR) technology transforms all web content into a safe visual stream and prevents threats from ever reaching devices

Fireglass virtualizes web browsers on a dedicated platform that is designed from the grounds up for security and scale. Each browsing session is executed in a secure disposable container which confines any malicious activity.

  • Delivered as a cloud service or as software
  • No endpoint installation or agents
  • Supports all browsers, devices and OSs

Malware Can’t Get to Users

Fireglass protects users from all web-borne threats. By isolating and executing all content in a secure remote environment, Fireglass prevents malware and other advanced threats from ever reaching user devices.

All potentially malicious content, including Java and Flash, is executed remotely on the Fireglass Threat Isolation Platform. Users receive a safe visual stream through their native browser while enjoying a seamless and transparent experience

  • Web, emails and documents
  • Known and unknown threats including zero day, phishing and ransomware
  • Block outbound malware C&C communication and data exfiltration