Symantec’s Vision of Safe Clouds

Symantec announces its vision of safe clouds where, in five years, companies will operate in a converged IT world of cloud, virtualization and mobile where public and private clouds are safe. To get there, Symantec extends its security, data storage and information management expertise to help companies achieve safe, available, resilient and compliant clouds. The company shares its new cloud solutions portfolios and programs. Visit us at Cloud Expo West 2012 to learn more about Symantec’s vision of many connected complex clouds that are safe, agile and efficient.



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Cloud Expo West Speaking Agenda: Santa Clara, CA

  • November 5, 3:50pm
    How Clouds Will Become Safer than Your Data Center
    Sean Doherty
  • November 6, 2:10pm
    The Cloud Identity Crisis: How Identity and Information Protection will Dictate Future Cloud Success...or Failure
    Nico Popp
  • November 6, 5:20pm
    Cloud Doesn’t Come in a Box! Building a Safe and Available Cloud
    Charles Moore
  • November 7, 2:10pm
    Safe Cloud Applications: Why is Nirvana So Hard?
    Jon Matsuo
  • November 7, 6:50pm
    CTO Power Panel | What is the Cloud Computing Technical State of the Union?
    Daniel Graves


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