Gradian Systems Ltd.

Service(s) Provider

The Symantec ExSP Program is playing a vital role in Gradian’s continued growth, with Symantec acting as the core technology platform behind Gradian’s pioneering cloud-based encryption security services. This preeminent U.K. based provider of IT security solutions is using Symantec PGP technology as part of a suite of managed security (SaaS) offerings to help customers cost-effectively benefit from best-in-class encryption and data protection technology.

Success Details

Services Provided

  • IT Consulting
  • Training
  • Outsourcing
  • License Management

Solutions Focus

  • Encryption

Organization Profile

  • Website:
  • Geographic area served: U.K., Northern Europe
  • Headquarters: Alton, U.K.
  • Serves company size: 10–2000
  • Status: Symantec Specialist Partner for Encryption Solutions
  • Symantec solution focus: Data Security