Symantec Partner University

Learn how to sell, install, configure, and deploy Symantec solutions.

Symantec Training

Learn how to sell, install, configure, and deploy Symantec solutions.
We offer industry-leading training and enablement tools to help you become more proficient with our solutions. Follow defined training paths, organized by role and solution, to locate training courses and related exams to improve or demonstrate your sales, technical, or consulting and professional services skills.

Sales Skills

Level 1: Overview and Positioning (SSE Assessment and Accreditation)

  • Identify opportunities and present the value proposition
  • Describe the current version feature set
  • Deliver a brief presentation to a general audience on product features

Level 2: Simple Design and Demo (SSE+ Assessment and Accreditation)

  • Technically qualify opportunities
  • Describe the current version feature set
  • Deliver a presentation to a general audience on value proposition and product features
  • Position the product and perform a scripted demonstration to a general audience
  • Design a basic solution based on business requirements
  • Add your SSE certificates to LinkedIn

eLearning - Customer Retention and The Value of Maintenance
This 40 minute course is designed to help you appreciate the value of Maintenance and sell the importance of renewing Symantec products to your customers.

Technical Skills

Level 3: Design, Deploy and Administer (SCS Assessment and Certification)

  • Perform advanced sizing and configuration to create a recommended purchase design
  • Demonstrate the product to a technical audience in an influential way
  • Ability to answer most questions about product features and performance
  • Perform a controlled installation and basic configuration to demonstrate key features
  • Add your SCS certificates to LinkedIn

Competency Enablement
Secure One Competencies have been designed to keep up with the dynamic and fast growing Security market. Partners who demonstrate proficiency in specific solution areas by achieving certifications and illustrate unique expertise to customers will be rewarded with financial and non-financial benefits.

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Training Methods

Methods of Available Training
We offer different training methods to suit your schedule, budget and experience. Earning credentials may give you access to revenue enhancing and profitability programs.

  • Online eLearning: No cost eLearning is available online exclusively to you as a partner for pre-sales, technical and post-sales roles.
  • Classroom training: Discounted, fee-based technical instructor-led training courses at Symantec locations around the world offer the same content and instructors utilized by Symantec technical personnel.
  • Virtual Academy: This fee-based virtual instructor-led training blends of virtual webcasts conducted by a live instructor, virtual hands-on lab activities, and (optionally) additional web-based training modules that are accessible to students during the class.


Credentials Matter
Symantec credentials enable you to differentiate yourself and your company from the competition by broadening your sales, technical, and services knowledge. The time you commit to earn credentials helps you reduce your sales cycle, increase your order value, and help improve customer satisfaction – giving you the competitive edge you need.

Successfully completing a Symantec sales, technical, or services assessment exam grants you a credential in the form of an accreditation credential. Sales assessment exams are available online; technical assessment exams have registration available online while the exams are taken at proctored testing centers.

By achieving credentials, you may:

  • Enroll in rebate programs and Opportunity Registration
  • Gain recognition in the Partner Locator
  • Use credential logos on your business cardsGain additional benefits where applicable
  • View My Credentials

Credential portability
Although partner companies have general business contract agreements with us, the logo acceptance for accreditation, authorization and certification achievement is based on individual candidate compliance and follows you no matter which company you represent.

The agreement only needs to be accepted once and it applies to all subsequent Symantec credentials you receive.

Accreditation vs. Certification
The Symantec Accreditation program is different from the Symantec Certification program. Symantec Certification is an industry benchmark created specifically to enhance the skills and knowledge of end users who administer and manage Symantec products and solutions.

To achieve benefits and program levels, partners are required to participate in the Symantec Technical Specialist, Sales Expert and Sales Expert Plus training.

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