Web Protection for Technology Partners

Security vendors who deeply integrate directly into the Symantec Web Protection platform to provide additional options for multi-stage content inspection and sandboxing solutions.

The Web Protection technology track creates an open framework to allow a select set of security vendors to deeply integrate and certify their services directly into the Symantec Web Protection solution. This level of integration allows our technology partners to integrate with our multi-stage content inspection and sandboxing solution Content Analysis, Web Isolation, and ProxySG to provide our joint customers additional internet security options. The net result: your business can move beyond fear and start focusing on possibilities.


CounterTack and Symantec end-to-end integration enables operators to detect and analyze threats from both the network and endpoint perspectives, correlate information, quickly quarantine endpoints, surgically remove files as needed. CounterTack can submit files to Malware Analysis, in addition Content Analysis automatically interrogates CounterTack when it sees a new threat to understand if malware has infected any end points. This solution allows operators to reduce the time to detection and provide quicker investigation and response times to security incidents.


The CyberSponse and Symantec integration with ProxySG and Content Analysis enables analysts to focus on real threat scenarios by automating the repetitive tasks that cause distraction. Create a comprehensive threat investigation pipeline across multiple scenarios with role-based dashboards, reporting, and audit logging. Making it easy to view the threat story at each investigation checkpoint.

Digital Shadows

Digital Shadows' SearchLight platform integrates with Symantec's ProxySG to provide a feed of risky impersonating domains to protect employees against phishing attempts. Digital Shadows SearchLight™ platform discovers newly registered domains that are impersonating a client and updates the ProxySG where a high risk is detected.


The combination of Exabeam's security intelligence and threat hunting solutions and Symantec's ProxySG enables better visibility and understanding of insider risk.


Symantec's ProxySG and Content Analysis work with FireEye's AX & NX series to provide an additional layered defense against unknown malware. Content Analysis can send files directly to the FireEye sandbox for inspection. Additionally, FireEye can be integrated with ProxySG directly to upload malicious URL information to ProxySG's local database (via a web server) providing protection across the entire enterprise.


Symantec provides a software agent for Gemalto SafeNet HSM (Luna SP) allowing ProxySG customers to use the HSM to store cryptographic keys and digital certificates (CA Certificates and private keys). Providing a robust and certified security storage appliance for encryption assets to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

IBM Security

IBM QRadar's Device Support Module for Symantec Web Security Service (WSS) parses event information to log and correlate events received from WSS as well as other external sources such as security equipment (for example, firewalls), and network equipment (for example, switches and routers).


The combination of Symantec's Blue Coat ProxySG security portfolio together with Indeni's capabilities of preemptively alerting hardware, services, and functionality allows for a more stable productive environment.


IntSights Enterprise Threat Intelligence and Digital Risk Protection platform integrated with Symantec's ProxySG and Email Security.cloud delivers detection and protection for external cyber threats and risks. The ProxySG pulls enriched IOCs (IP addresses, URLs and domains) from IntSights' platform to update the block list with current, relevant and actionable threats. IntSights' pushes enriched IOCs (Domains, URLs and Hashes) to the Anti-Spam service for Email Security.cloud "Blocked Senders" list.


Detect previously-identified malware and unknown advanced threats by integrating Lastline Enterprise with Symantec's Content Analysis.


McAfee's Anti-Virus Technology integrates with Symantec Content Analysis to deliver network-based known malware defense.


Symantec can keep your Office 365 account safe and compliant. Automate classification and governance of compliance related data, such as PII, PCI and PHI. Detect and prevent threats based on patent-pending data science algorithms. Enforce content-aware and contest-aware policies to safeguard sensitive data. Streamline incident response tapping granular log data with powerful analysis tools.


NetDialog's NetX integrates with Symantec's PacketShaper, ProxySG and MACH 5 products in order to collect application related information. These data are used to analyze and optimize the way applications are delivered over the WAN to the end-users. NetDialog has supported these devices for a long time already, where NetX has been the main reporting solution for PacketShaper environments.


The Radware Alteon and Symantec certification ensures ProxySG customers a resilient, efficient and scalable solution. Radware’s Alteon Application Delivery Controller (ADC) guarantees ProxySG devices maximum availability, scalability, performance and security.


The Sophos Anti-Malware Engine integrates with Symantec Content Analysis to deliver network-based known malware defense.


Splunk's Phantom integrates with Symantec products (ProxySG, Content Analysis, Malware Analysis, ATP, Security Analytics and Management Center) to automate and orchestrate key stages of security operations from prevention to triage and resolution; delivering dramatic increases in productivity and effectiveness. Ranging from simple automation to fully autonomous response, Phantom lets you choose the best balance that fits your organization's needs while increasing security and accelerating security operations.

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Splunk integration via Splunk Apps provides a clear dashboard allowing rapid investigation for advanced persistent threats. Symantec for Splunk Apps are currently available for: ProxySG, Security Analytics, Web Application Firewall (WAF), Web Security Service (WSS), Malware Analysis and ATP.

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Symantec Web Isolation with Votiro Disarmer for Web take a revolutionary approach, isolating malware and other threats where they can't harm the network and user devices, while still empowering end-users with full transparent Internet use and ensures all files downloaded via the web are scanned, sanitized, and safe to open.