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Symantec Solutions for Enterprise Mobility

Mobility without vulnerability
Mobility without vulnerability
Symantec, the world leader in protection, offers you the most comprehensive solution to manage, protect, and monitor your business information and apps across mobile devices, in or out of your office.
Enabling BYOD with a Complete Mobile Adoption Strategy (4:32)
Define a complete mobile adoption strategy with employee productivity and satisfaction.

Enable productivity anywhere, while protecting everywhere.

With the diverse challenges of enterprise Mobility today, MDM is insufficient on its own to provide optimal productivity and essential protection. To fulfill the needs of the various use cases, from corporate owned and managed, to unmanaged BYOD devices, there are 5 technology areas that must be addressed.
The Total Mobile Story
Learn about the various deployment options for enabling enterprise mobility. Every company has different needs, regulations and risk tolerance, requiring different approaches to mobile enablement.
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5 Pillars of Enterprise Mobility
Symantec recommends that for any mobile strategy, companies consider addressing all functional areas represented by the 5 pillars.
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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
Support Bring Your Own Device initiatives confidently with a mobile solution that includes advanced application protection.
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Common Use Cases
Symantec supports the broadest range of use cases with the most comprehensive mobile solution available.
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