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Seconds to Minutes, IT Business Continuity Plan

To meet your business continuity plan’s strictest of SLAs, Symantec's high availability and wide-area disaster recovery technologies deliver fully automated failover capabilities to make sure risk of downtime is minimized and entire business services can be restored in less than a minute.
Seconds to Minutes
Symantec Business Continuity Solutions deliver automated failover and disaster recovery capabilities across any platform to meet the strictest SLAs.
Data Center Down! (1:18)
When disaster strikes, return to business as usual with Symantec business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.
Taneja Group: Making The Virtual Infrastructure Non Stop
From no application recovery to nearly transparent failover, see how Veritas Cluster Server makes a difference.
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When Your Tolerance for Downtime is Zero, Trust Symantec

Mission-critical applications and data represent the most important IT business services in the enterprise. When these systems fail or experience an outage, it's materially impacting to you. Millions of dollars can be lost for every minute of downtime. Customer confidence, trust, and loyalty can be negatively impacted.
In today's "always on, always connected" world, IT business services rely on a multitude of technologies. An example might be a database running on UNIX, an application server running on Linux, and a web server running on Windows in a VMware environment – all working together to deliver a great online store to a customer. To meet the strictest levels of availability in a heterogeneous environment, visibility into each tier or level of the business service and automation between these tiers is absolutely critical. That's why customers trust Symantec for business continuity.
Symantec business continuity solutions are platform agnostic. Symantec is able to automatically failover components of multi-tiered IT business services to deliver the required uptime. Together with software-based replication and market-leading backup and recovery technologies, Symantec can help you architect your business continuity solution for your mission-critical applications, services, and data across heterogeneous physical, virtual, and cloud environments.
Speak with your Symantec rep or authorized Symantec partner to learn more about customizing a business continuity solution to meet your SLA requirements.


High availability, disaster recovery, and data protection solutions for heterogeneous physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Veritas Cluster Server

Monitors and recovers applications running on physical and virtual platforms. Veritas Cluster Server is fully automated and includes built-in testing to pro-actively detect and report potential problems before they have an impact on IT services.

Veritas Storage Foundation

Provides a comprehensive tiered storage solution for heterogeneous online tier storage management based on the industry-leading Veritas Volume Manager and Veritas File System.

Veritas Cluster File System

Accelerates performance of your critical scale-out applications and databases with the cluster file system that scales up to 64 nodes and provides concurrent access to storage.

Veritas Dynamic Multi-Pathing

Improves storage I/O performance and availability across heterogeneous server and storage platforms using intelligent algorithms and load balancing.


Provides high availability for business-critical applications through unique application visibility and control by integrating with VMware HA, vMotion, and Site Recovery Manager.

Veritas Operations Manager

Comprehensive management platform providing visibility and control of your heterogeneous data center environment.


Enterprise-class backup and recovery solution optimized for physical, virtual, arrays, and big data workloads with flexible storage options including cloud, appliances, third party disk, or tape.

NetBackup Appliances

Ideal for customers looking for turnkey solutions for their organization. The appliances enable efficient, storage-optimized data protection and disaster recovery for the data center, remote office, physical, and virtual environments.

Disaster Recovery Advisor

Automatically detects and reports risks on high availability and disaster recovery infrastructure. Ensures the data center recovery ability and minimizes application downtime.
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