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Cyber Threat Detection and Incident Response

Security Awareness Program

The human factor is a major cause of security breaches

Your proprietary information is at risk every day; and it's not just data that you lose. Data breaches cost money, customers, and even market share. Unfortunately, many breaches result from a lack of employee awareness of the security risks inherent in their actions.

Information security demands that employees practice proactive, security-conscious behavior. The Symantec™ Security Awareness Program trains your employees to understand information security issues and behave in a manner that minimizes risks—all in accordance with current regulatory requirements.

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Symantec Security Awareness Demo
Mobile Device Security
Security Awareness While Travelling
Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Countermeasures
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Improve your security posture with the Security Awareness Program

Based on security industry best practices and international security standards, the Security Awareness web-based training helps educate employees on many of today’s key security issues, including information protection, social networking, virus protection, password security, web browser security, email security, mobile security and more. The Security Awareness Program, an SC Magazine Award Winner, will raise employee awareness of the reality of threats, vulnerabilities and consequences, and help them take active roles in securing your enterprise information. The web-based training is SCORM-compliant and ready to be published to an organization's SCORM 1.2 compliant Learning Management System (LMS) for tracking and reporting purposes.

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Additional Training Courses Include:

  • Information Privacy - Learning about information privacy as it relates to yourself will help you to better understand the needs of your customers and business partners.This course defines personal information, describes how personal information is collected and used, identifies privacy laws and how they relate to your organization, and illustrates best practices for maintaining the security of personal information.
  • HIPAA – HITECH Awareness Training - Learn more about the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and HITECH (the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) training course which provides information regarding the security and privacy requirements for patient information. View Demo.
  • PCI Data Security Standard Awareness - Learn more about the Symantec's PCI Data Security Standard awareness training for organizations that must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

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