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NPD Group, Inc.

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NPD Group, Inc. needed enhanced visibility into its multivendor, multiplatform server and storage environment. It turned to a storage management and high availability solution from Symantec. Results include the ability to discover close to 100 percent of multiple data centers with a single tool, 24-fold faster reporting, reduced risk of errors, and 99.999 percent availability for the firm’s business-critical data analysis application. Two FTEs now manage around 1.5 petabytes of storage.

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Organization Profile

  • Website: www.npd.com
  • Industry: Research
  • Headquarters: Port Washington, New York, USA


  • Server platforms/operating systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows Server, IBM AIX, HP-UX, VMware
  • Storage platforms: IBM System Storage DS8000, Hitachi AMS 2500
  • Databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase IQ
  • Applications: Ab Initio Business Intelligence platform for ETL data analysis and management
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