An effective range of information security solutions

Intelligent Solutions

Intelligent Cyber Operations

Combine our force of a thousand cyber warriors, the largest civilian database of global threat intelligence, and advanced analytics to create unparalleled responsiveness before, during, and after attacks.

Intelligent Data Protection

Allow only the right people to access the right data, anywhere. Control access, monitor its flow, and keep it out of the wrong hands.

Intelligent Email

Safeguard your email with our industry-leading advanced threat, spam, and data protection. For Office 365, Google Apps, on-premise Exchange, and more.


Office 365

Enhance the security of your Office 365 deployment by protecting email against advanced threats and safeguarding sensitive data.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart Connected Products grow revenue and margin, but connectivity adds risk. Protect your IoT systems.

Industry Solutions

While information security is critical across all industries, differences in attack vectors, regulations, and technologies shape an organization’s distinct reaction to cyber security risks. Our scale of analytics, security technologies, and telemetry delivers actionable insights that are critical to helping define, measure, and execute an individual plan of attack.


Symantec healthcare solutions provide enhanced security, data loss prevention, and HIPAA compliance automation.

Federal Government

Symantec helps federal agencies develop and implement comprehensive and resilient security strategies to reduce risk and meet federal mandates.

State and Local Government Solutions

Cyber threat protection for information systems in public safety and privacy, health and human services, and criminal justice sectors.

Symantec Solutions for Education

Symantec can help Education organizations protect faculty and student information and intellectual property, keeping it safe, secure, and private.

Global Service Providers

Global Service Providers offer subscription-based security as a service to consumers, SMBs, and enterprises of all sizes.

Automotive Security

Embeds protection into cars and trucks, protecting vehicles against hackers and sophisticated attackers.

Industrial Control System (ICS) Security

Increasingly connected industrial structures need security built into the equipment, network, and management systems.

Financial Services Solutions

Symantec provides security solutions to protect sensitive data from internal and external threats for financial services organizations.

Retail Solutions

Symantec provides integrated security solutions to monitor and protect sensitive data against cyber threats for retail organizations.

Cyber Insurance

Symantec provides leading unified security solutions, proprietary data and unparalleled cyber expertise, tailored to meet the needs of the cyber insurance industry.