Intelligent Endpoint

Leave nothing to chance

Introducing the smartest way to protect your enterprise by blocking advanced threats, detecting stealthy anomalies, and
remediating them with one click. We give you real-time visibility into your risk posture.

Slam the door on malware before it can get in.

Block zero days and unknown threats with 99.99% accuracy via Symantec Endpoint Protection.

Symantec builds a formidable shield of multilayered protection, including signatureless detection and advanced machine learning, to block attacks from every angle. Informed by peerless global threat intelligence, we stop suspicious files through reputation analysis and behavior monitoring techniques.

Endpoint Protection won the Best Protection 2015 Award for corporate endpoint security from AV-TEST.

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Uncover attacks that others miss.

Zero in on the most important attack events with Symantec Advanced Threat Protection.

Detect the stealthiest threats across your endpoint, network, and email in real time with cloud-based sandboxing and detonation. With Symantec’s unique correlation technology, you can focus on critical attack events, and speed investigations with instantaneous attack artifact search.

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Remediate and restore in the blink of an algorithm.

Restore normal operations after targeted attacks in minutes with Symantec Advanced Threat Protection.

Symantec contains and remediates all detected traces of threats—even from complex attacks—with one click. With our Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technology, you can contain advanced threats in minutes. Visualize all related attack data and hunt for indicators of compromise. All in one place. Without disrupting critical workflow or installing new endpoint agents.

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See all your risk, in every form, from every angle.

Preempt future attacks with Symantec Risk Insight before they become problems.

Survey your entire risk posture, including exposure through third parties, and benchmark against your own industry. Make smarter security investments through actionable insights to close your vulnerabilities, and streamline manual assessments with our automated cloud-based service.

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Stop breaches from lost or stolen laptops.

Secure critical data on endpoints with Symantec Endpoint Encryption.

Symantec helps secure critical data on stolen or lost devices with Endpoint Encryption. Protect sensitive information on endpoints with full-disk and removable-media encryption. Implement and manage encryption with ease on all end-user devices.

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