Hardware Support

A comprehensive set of entry-level hardware support options that complement Symantec’s Network Protection products

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Maximize your investment with Symantec Hardware Support

Symantec’s Hardware Support options are designed to help you safeguard your network and maximize your investment. All options (Standard, Standard Plus, Advanced, Premium, Premium Plus & Software Support) include the following Maintenance benefits as standard:

  • 24x7 telephone support
  • Major, minor and maintenance releases for operating system software and "software only" products
  • Online support and numerous self-help and learning resources via MySymantec, Knowledge BaseSymantec ConnectSymantec eLibrary)
  • Hardware replacement services according to your selected support option:

    • Standard: Return to Factory (RTF)
    • Standard Plus: Same Day Shipment (SDS)
    • Advanced: Guaranteed Next Business Day Arrival (NBD)*
    • Premium: Guaranteed 4 Hour Arrival (9x5x4hrs)*
      Note: Effective 7th January 2019, Symantec is retiring its Premium hardware support option. Symantec's Premium Plus hardware support is the alternative option for optimum hardware replacement coverage. All active Premium contracts will be supported as usual for the duration of the contract term and current customers are recommended to renew with Premium Plus in future.
    • Premium Plus: Guaranteed 4 Hour Arrival (24x7x4hrs)*

      *Optional extra available: Symantec Onsite Technician to install the replacement hardware at your location

  Hardware Support Options
Description Standard Standard Plus Advanced¹ Premium¹ Premium Plus¹ Software Support⁶
Online Web Support
24x7 Phone Support
Minor and maintenance OS Software Updates
Major OS Software Releases
4 hour arrival, 7 days of week          
4 hour arrival during regular business hours²          
Next business day arrival³          
Same day shipment⁴          
10 day return to factory for replacement⁵          
Onsite Symantec technician installs replacement hardware     Optional Optional Optional  

Useful Resources

Symantec has an extensive range of resources to assist you including:

  • Product Help – Knowledge Base articles, guides, downloads and support resources
  • Maintenance  – Learn about how your Maintenance benefits maximize the value of your investment
  • Getting Started – Practical information on downloading, activating and managing your product
  • Training – Maximize your product competency with a range of training options
  • Symantec Connect – Meet and collaborate with other users to learn and share best practices
  • Policies – Guidelines for using Symantec products including Maintenance, Renewals, Support and End of Life
  • Support Reference Guide – Learn about obtaining technical support and read Symantec’s Support terms 

Having the right technical support plan is vital to any IT and security risk management program. Some organizations may require a more advanced level of support. For more information on premium support offerings, consulting and education services, visit Symantec Technical Services.