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Activating Symantec Software

Activation of a purchased software license is done in two easy steps:
  1. Download the software.
  2. Install the software. During the installation process, the software will prompt you to enter the activation code you received with your license.
Please refer to the Activation Details section below for further details.
Please note: Purchasing a license to turn a trialware download into a fully-enabled product is a separate process. The trialware documentation you received will instruct you in this process.
Visit our Trialware Downloads page.

Activation Details

Downloading Symantec Software

Customers can download Symantec software via FileConnect, our electronic software distribution website. In order to access FileConnect, you will need the serial number associated with your purchase of Symantec software, which is located on the License Certificate.

Activating Symantec Software

Symantec software products require activation by entering an activation code during the installation process of the software. An activation code can be a license key, serial number, or license file. License keys and serial numbers are located on the License Certificate or Version Upgrade Notification. License files are contained in a zip file attached to the License Certificate or Version Upgrade Notification emails.

Managing Your Software Licenses

You can optionally choose to manage your software licenses via Symantec's Licensing Portal. The Licensing Portal allows you to retrieve lost license keys, track license usage, and perform version upgrades.
Learn more | Go to the Licensing Portal
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