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Upgrading Products

Customers with current maintenance/support on any Symantec product are entitled to a free software version upgrade for any new release of that product or its successor. Maintenance/support is purchased or subscribed to for a specific period of time. Therefore, "current" means that this period of time has not lapsed or been terminated and the support agreement is in effect.

Upgrading Details For Each Symantec Product Type

Symantec On-Premise Software Products

Enterprise customers can get a free software version upgrade for each qualified product currently covered by an active maintenance/support agreement. Eligible license owners are notified of the version upgrade opportunity by Symantec and given instructions for how to get the new software.
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Upgrades are the key to the optimal performance of your software. Upgrades can:
  • Improve functionality.
  • Simplify centralized management.
  • Help customers ensure compliance.

Notification for Software Version Upgrade

If a license owner has provided Symantec with a current email address, customer notification of a Software Version Upgrade automatically occurs via email. Otherwise, notification occurs by physical mail to the license owner's address on record.
If a notification does not reach a customer by email or physical mail, the license owner may visit the Licensing Portal to access the pending upgrade opportunity, using the following steps:
  1. Go to the Licensing Portal.
  2. Login to an existing* account.
  3. Once logged in click the Version Upgrade button.
  4. Click the I do not have a notification ID button.
  5. Follow the instructions on the pages to obtain your upgrade.
*If a new account is created, please contact Symantec Customer Support to link existing licenses to the new account. Go to Customer Support.

How Software Version Upgrade Occurs

Upon a major release of a new version of software, Symantec notifies customers by email or letter of their Software Version Upgrade. The notification provides instructions to access the pending upgrade opportunity. Some notifications will direct customers to the Symantec Licensing Portal for processing a Software Version Upgrade invitation (known as a VU Notification ID).

Which Symantec Products Get a Software Version Upgrade

Any product from Symantec that has a major new release automatically includes a Software Version Upgrade.

Importance of Keeping Maintenance/Support Current

Customers who do not keep their maintenance/support agreements current lose:
  • Free access to the latest product upgrades.
  • Product functionality and fixes available under maintenance/support.
Allowing maintenance/support to lapse can put your business environment at unnecessary risk.

Symantec.cloud Hosted Products

Hosted software delivered by Symantec.cloud products is maintained by subscription service contracts. Subscriptions service gives the user:
  • An automatic upgrade to the latest version of software – no need to request an upgrade to a Symantec.cloud product.
  • Uninterrupted service.
  • Access to 24/7 technical support: live chat, phone, or email.
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Symantec.cloud Support
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