Getting Started

Everything you need to hit the ground running

Downloading Symantec Software

1. Gather your information

Customers who purchase or renew a Symantec product will receive an order fulfillment email.

Software Product Customers with current Maintenance will also receive Version Upgrade Notification emails when new versions of their software products become available. Visit Software Upgrades to learn more.

It’s important that you have the relevant documentation to hand when downloading your product.

Didn’t receive an order fulfilment email? Let us know.

2. Access Software Downloads

Software Downloads is Symantec’s electronic software distribution website that provides easy and secure web-based access to your software.

You can access Software Downloads using one of the following methods:

  • If provided, click on the “Download” link in your order fulfillment email. This will bring you directly to the appropriate location for your software. 
  • You can also access Software Downloads via MySymantec:
    • Go to the “Downloads” menu tab and select either “Enterprise Security (Symantec) Downloads” or “Network Protection (Blue Coat) Downloads”.

Note: First time users will need to create an account in order to access Software Downloads. After logging in, you can change your preferred language by selecting the “Change Language” tab.


3. Download software

Once on the Software Downloads webpage, follow the steps below to download your product:

  1. If prompted for a Serial Number, enter the serial number from your fulfillment email and click “Submit Serial Number”
  2. Click on the link for your chosen product
  3. Select the relevant software files
  4. Select Download Method:
    a. “Download Selected Files” using NetSession installer by clicking “Click here to begin: download the installer” (this is the recommended method)
    b. Collapse “File Description” and select “HTTPS Download” to download the files directly via your browser
  5. Download your files to commence installation
  6. Enter your activation code when prompted during installation. Need help activating?

For more information on downloading software, visit Software Download’s FAQ or contact Customer Support.

Note: You may be required to register your product first in order to proceed with installation.

Software Downloads

Activating Symantec Products

Many Symantec products require activation after initial purchase, renewal or upgrading to the latest version. Activation codes (sometimes referred to as “license keys”) vary by product and may take the form of a:

  • Serial Number as used by Symantec Endpoint Protection (for certain software products, the Serial Number is also the activation code) or as used by physical appliances.
  • Symantec License File (.slf), as used by Symantec Protection Suite, IT Management Suite, Symantec Mail Security, Symantec Data Loss Prevention, and also used by Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • Alphanumeric string key as used by Symantec Endpoint Encryption
  • Other file-based keys, as used by older versions of IT Management Suite and  certain Network Protection products

Follow the steps outlined below to activate your Enterprise Security or Network Protection product. Need further assistance? Refer to the licensing section of your product documentation available on Symantec’s Documentation Portal or contact Symantec Customer Care.

Enterprise Security Software Products

1. Locate your activation code: Activation codes are provided in your order fulfillment email. If your fulfillment email does not include your activation code, you can retrieve it by using your Serial Number on Symantec’s Licensing Portal (step 2).

Didn’t receive an order fulfillment email? Let us know.

2. Register your product and assign your technical contacts on Symantec’s Enterprise Security Licensing Portal

a. Log in to using your previously created credentials (first time users will need to create an account). Once logged in, go to the “Licensing” tab and select “Enterprise Security (Symantec) Licensing”.

b. Locate your activation code: Once in the portal, go to the 'Get a License Key' drop-down menu and select “New and Renewal Purchase”. For Upgrades, select “Version Upgrade” and follow the on-screen instructions (view more information at Software Upgrades).

c. Register your product: Enter your Serial Number to register your license. If you would like to register multiple licenses for the same product, click the “Add button” otherwise click “Next”.

d. Your activation code will be added to your license catalogue. It will also be delivered by email. Enter the email address details of the recipients who should receive the activation code. Select “Complete Registration”

e. Assign your designated technical contacts: Register the email addresses of your designated technical contacts for Symantec Technical Support 

f. Select “Complete Registration” to submit your information.

g. Your activation code will be displayed on screen under “License Key”. It will also be sent to you by email. Your updated license information can be viewed at any time by selecting “Manage My Licenses” in the “Licensing” tab.

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3. Activate your product by applying the activation code within the product

  • New installation: During installation of your new product, you may be prompted for your activation code. Follow the instructions in your product’s admin console.
  • Renewals: Follow the instructions in your product’s admin console.

Certain Symantec software products may be activated/updated by entering the Serial Number directly within the product’s admin console. To maintain ongoing visibility to your entitlements however, you are advised to register your new or updated licenses on the Symantec Licensing Portal.

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These steps (including Licensing Portal registration) apply to Symantec on-premise software products only and do not apply to Symantec cloud products. Cloud products follow a separate provisioning process and in most cases do not require activation as they are provisioned directly within your online customer account. Please note that device enrollment is required for certain cloud products. For further details refer to your product documentation available on Symantec’s Documentation Portal.

Network Protection Products

1. Locate your activation code: You will find the activation code for your product on your order fulfillment email.

Didn’t receive an order fulfillment email? Let us know.

2. Register and activate your product via Symantec’s Network Protection Licensing Portal

a. Log in to using your previously created account credentials (first time users will need to create an account). Once logged in, go to the “Licensing” tab and select “Network Protection (Blue Coat) Licensing”

b. To activate a new 3rd Party license, Add-On license (except Intelligence Services), or retrieve serial numbers for Virtual Appliances, you’ll be prompted to enter your activation code. For other options including Intelligence Services, you will need to select the relevant product and option on the left panel

c. Follow the on-screen instructions entering relevant codes and click “Submit”

d. Review the Symantec End User License Agreement and click “Accept” to proceed

e. You will be presented with the details of your activated license. Review all text on this page, as the information displayed here can alert you to any further steps required.

Note: In order to proceed with installation you may need to log in to the web management console for the product you have just registered.

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Managing Symantec Software

Congratulations on choosing Symantec to safeguard your business against the most advanced IT threats of today and tomorrow!

Now that you have successfully installed your product, we’d like to introduce you to some key resources to help you manage and get the most from your Symantec investment.

Create a Symantec account

Create your login credentials and profile once, then use your account to access multiple Symantec applications including MySymantec, Symantec’s Licensing Portal, Customer Support, Symantec Connect and PartnerNet (partners only).

Create an Account


Use your Symantec account credentials to access MySymantec. MySymantec is Symantec’s one-stop website where you can view your products, search the Symantec Knowledge Base, create and manage technical and non-technical cases, access licensing and renewals information, submit threats and more.

Learn how to use MySymantec and find new features.


Symantec’s Licensing Portal for Enterprise Security (Symantec) Products

The Licensing Portal (Enterprise Security Products) on MySymantec offers a self-service method for you to manage your licensing-related requirements for your new and upgraded Symantec software products, including software download and activation, license and Maintenance registration, and license management.

  • Get a License Key – Activate your product by quickly registering to obtain activation codes for new purchases, Version Upgrades and re-hosts. Not used for Enterprise Flexible license keys
  • Manage My Licenses – Register, view and manage current licenses, share licenses, and track custom user-defined data against each license
  • Get Software – Access Software Downloads to download software for new and renewal purchases, version upgrades
  • Voucher Center – Allows OEM customers to convert vouchers into licenses
  • Enterprise Flexible (eFlex) – Gives Enterprise Flexible customers the ability to draw down and manage licenses against their eFlex contract
Learn about Licensing Portal functions
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What is the Symantec Licensing Portal (Enterprise Security Products)?
The Symantec Licensing Portal is a self-service web portal that allows you to manage your licensing-related requirements for new and upgraded Symantec software products, including software download and activation, license and Maintenance registration, and license management. Options include: Get A License Key (activation code), Manage My Licenses, Get Software (Software Downloads) and My Account. Find out about additional options here.

Who can use the Licensing Portal?
Customers are the intended users of the Licensing Portal. Customers may also delegate use of the Licensing Portal to their Symantec reseller, who would then populate and manage account data on behalf of the customer. Resellers who manage a Licensing Portal account on behalf of their customer must deliver newly assigned license keys to the customer for product activation.

What is the 'Get a License Key' option?
The 'Get a License Key' option enables you to register New Purchase Serial Numbers or use your Version Upgrade Notification IDs to obtain activation codes that are necessary to activate your products. Most Symantec products require activation for at least one function, some require activation of multiple functions. In such cases, multiple serial numbers must be registered to obtain all necessary activation codes).

What is the 'Manage My Licenses' option?
The 'Manage My Licenses' option allows you to administer and track licenses present in your catalog. You can retrieve specific license details for each license you own or for each license that has been shared to your login user name.

What is the 'Get Software' option?
The 'Get Software' option allows you to download your software products directly from Software Downloads (Symantec’s electronic software distribution website).

What is the Voucher Center?
Symantec Voucher Center allows you to redeem vouchers created by Symantec OEM Partners for Symantec products. Need more information? Consult our Voucher FAQ.

What is a Voucher?
A voucher is the document you receive following your purchase that entitles you to a specific Symantec product. The document may be in either physical or electronic form. The voucher document should be clearly labeled with the Voucher Number and the reseller's Sales Order Number. You will need both the Voucher Number and the Sales Order Number to redeem your voucher. If that information is not clear or if the information is missing from your voucher document, please contact the vendor that you purchased from for assistance. Need more help? Consult our Voucher User Guide.

What is a License Certificate (Express Buying Program only)?
The License Certificate is your legal proof of purchase document that you receive after ordering new products and services from Symantec via the Express Buying Program. The License Certificate typically includes Product License and Maintenance information, and identifies the new item(s) purchased along with the relevant activation codes, which are required for activating your product during installation.

What is a Version Upgrade notification?
The Version Upgrade Notification is an email that is sent to registered users and/or technical contacts with current Maintenance. The Notification lists new product versions that your organization is entitled to as a benefit of your Maintenance. It also contains information such as Notification ID and Customer Number, which are needed to complete the product version upgrade process. Visit Software Upgrades to find out more.

Licensing Portal FAQ
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Enterprise Security licensing Portal

Symantec’s Licensing Portal for Network Protection (Blue Coat) Products

The Licensing Portal (Network Protection Products) on MySymantec allows you to download, upgrade, swap licenses and activate add-on software.

Network Protection Licensing Portal

Get Help

Explore your technical and non-technical Customer Support resources from Symantec.

Technical Support

Your designated technical contact(s) will have received a Welcome email that contains information about how to get started and gain access to Maintenance benefits, including technical support resources. Your designated contact(s) will act as a liaison with Symantec technical support staff. The number of designated contacts you are entitled to appoint is based on the Maintenance offering you purchased for your product.

Managing Your Designated Contacts: You must register your designated contacts via the Symantec Licensing Portal on MySymantec. Details on how to add or change designated contacts can be found here.

Visit our Support Quick Reference Guide to find out more about obtaining technical support.

Find product-specific documentation including installation and quick start guides, release notes and white papers on Symantec's Documentation Portal.

Non-technical Enquiries

The Symantec Customer Care team responds to non-technical licensing and serialization questions related to Symantec's enterprise products. These may include license activation, software version upgrades, product access and renewals. 

Contact Customer Support

SymDiag (Enterprise Security products)

SymDiag is Symantec’s multi-product, multi-language diagnostic and security analysis utility designed to provide customers with self-help support for technical issues, zero day threat analysis, best practice recommendations and proactive services, as well as automated data gathering and support case submission. It also provides licensing and Maintenance status for some Symantec products.



Browse through hundreds of free, on-demand web-based training modules at your own pace in Symantec’s subscription-based eLibrary. For more advanced learning options, learn about Symantec’s Education Services.

Get Connected

Use your Symantec account to join Symantec Connect and engage with peers and experts.

Stay Secure

Visit the Symantec Security Center to stay informed and security aware.

Maintenance and Renewals

Current Maintenance provides you with the right to access important deliverables and benefits for your Symantec product. Maintenance is always purchased for a finite term and must be renewed prior to expiry for continued access to your entitlements including critical content updates*, version upgrades, product updates, hardware replacement services** and 24/7 technical support.

Hosted software, delivered by products, is sold via subscription for a predetermined term and must be renewed for continued access to both your service and entitlements previously outlined.

Learn more about Maintenance and How to Renew.

Note: Symantec has simplified the way it sells Maintenance for its perpetually licensed enterprise Software Products. Learn more.

Version Upgrades

Enterprise customers who have perpetually licensed software products with current Maintenance are entitled to avail of Software Version Upgrades for each qualified product at no extra cost. Upgrades protect your Symantec software investment and are essential to continued security protection and optimal product performance.

If you have been notified about a Version Upgrade and would like to upgrade your product, you should follow the relevant steps described here.

RMA Process

Symantec provides RMA Advanced Hardware Exchanges to those customers who have current Maintenance and ongoing product warranty. Read more about the RMA process.

Licensing Information

Symantec's innovation and creativity allow us to maintain our position as one of the world's leading cyber security vendors. Symantec has invested heavily in its products through development and acquisition and has a responsibility to protect the value of its Intellectual Property (“IP”). Visit Licensing Information to learn about licensing basics, license compliance and find resources to assist you