Special Offers for Symantec Protection Suite Family

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Save now with these exclusive offers* on Symantec Protection Suite family.
Today there are more threats exploiting more vulnerabilities. Endpoint security is a great start to protect your systems, but to complete your protection you need to filter and block email and web threats and ensure that your data and systems are recoverable. See how Symantec Protection Suite can simplify and strengthen your security.

Switch from a competitive product to Symantec Protection Suite and SAVE up to 55%*

Protect your infrastructure and information—switch to Symantec Protection Suite and save up to 55% and relieve yourself of patch-work solutions and achieve faster ROI with Symantec Protection Suites:
  • Maximise vendor management cost savings
  • Increase IT productivity cost savings
  • Minimise end-user downtime
  • Cost avoidance from reallocation of resources
The Offer²

Customers with existing endpoint, email, or web security solutions from competitive solutions can save up to 55% off MSRP when switching to Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise and Small Business Editions.

²All prices quoted are inclusive of these discounts. Terms and conditions apply.

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Upgrade from Symantec Endpoint Protection to Protection Suite and SAVE up to 35%*

Protect your endpoints, email and web gateways while saving up to 35% on Symantec Protection Suite and standardise on industry-leading solutions from a leader in security and upgrade to Symantec Protection Suites:

  • Fastest, most effective security***
  • Block 99% of spam and email threats
  • Protect against data theft and loss
  • Centralize intelligence and management
The Offer²

Existing Symantec Endpoint Protection, Symantec Endpoint Protection, or Symantec AntiVirus customers can save up to 35% off MSRP when purchasing Symantec Protection Suite.

²All prices quoted are inclusive of these discounts. Terms and conditions apply.

Secure your future and save up to 20% with Symantec Protection Suite*

Deploy Symantec Protection Suite with 3 years of maintenance and save 20% and give yourself time to roll-out all of the solutions included with your Protection Suite. Consider 3 year maintenance because only Symantec:

  • Meets the broad spectrum of core security needs
  • Connects you with one of the world’s largest cyber-intelligence community
  • Enables automation of security processes
The Offer²

Symantec Protection Suite customers can save up to 20% off MSRP by renewing for 3 years today. Take advantage of this discount today and extend your security with Symantec Protection Suite and save!

²All prices quoted are inclusive of these discounts. Terms and conditions apply.

Request a call from a Symantec Specialist for further discussions on these promotions.

* Offers not valid in all countries, please check with your local Symantec Partner.

** "The Total Economic Impact™ of Symantec™ Protection Suite Enterprise Edition", a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Symantec, December 2011

*** Fastest and most-effective: PassMark Software, “Enterprise Endpoint Protection Performance Benchmarks,” July 2011 and AV-Test GmbH, “Remediation Testing Report” and “Real World Testing Report,” February 2011.