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Cyber Resilience is about the management—not the elimination—of risk. It recognises that security needs to go beyond systems, software or IT departments. Cyber Resilience puts the power in the hands of people, and arms them with the ability to recognise risks, draw on the collective intelligence of others, and take preventive or corrective action.

Cyber Resilience calls for strategic action. Now.

Symantec proposes a new strategic partnership between the security function and business leaders, to balance competitive advantage against the inescapable Cyber Risk of today. Symantec's integrated portfolio of solutions helps your people:

  • Become fully-informed on which security issues matter most to their organisation
  • Use this knowledge to keep all their colleagues informed of their responsibilities
  • Gain a competitive advantage against an on-going never-seen-before Cyber Risk

It is time to raise the stakes.

How do you secure your IT Infrastructure?


Useful resources

Cyber Resilience Defined
Ponemon Institute's 2013 global analysis.
Read this no-nonsense guide to securing your business.
Rethink how you use the security intelligence in your environment.
Best practice-based approaches recommended for minimizing cyber risk.
Solutions to focus the efforts of your IT security while increasing productivity.
Stay at the forefront of intelligence on cyber threats. Get the latest analyses and advice on the evolving threat landscape via the below resources. Use preparedness as your weapon against hostilities, including malware, breaches, vulnerabilities and spam.


Charting the Rise of a Cybercriminal
From Petty Theft to Illegally Supplying Data

Follow the journey of a real-life cybercriminal—from his early days as a rookie seeking technical advice in underground forums, to a ringleader of one of the most notorious cybercrime gangs. Discover the amount of damage his gang has wrecked on businesses and countries everywhere.


Discover the Anatomy of a Targeted Attack

The average number of targeted attacks has increased by 13 percent over the years. This is because attackers are continuously refining their tools and methods in an attempt to ensnare their victims more effectively. Discover the most dangerous types of targeted attacks and their deadly impact on the world. In this webcast, our Symantec expert will reveal what goes on behind a targeted attack, how one managed to infect a top international summit and their general trends and behaviours you should be wary of.

Speaker: Daniel Boland, APAC Security Response Liaisons

Uncover the Five Stages of Cyber Attacks

Despite heightened security awareness, many cyber attackers have been successful. More than a million victims fall prey to cyber attacks every day, chalking up massive annual losses that estimates place at USD113 billion1. How are these increasingly aggressive cyber threats attacking these days? What are the vulnerabilities in organisations that make them more permeable to these threats?

Get your answers at our webcast on the general lifecycle of today's advanced cyber attacks. Discover the stages of a threat's lifecycle, how to identify them and the action needed to mitigate risks.

Speaker: Alan Lee, Senior Manager, Product Management, Symantec

Uncover the Threat Actors Behind Targeted Attacks

Symantec has been keeping tabs on Hidden Lynx—a highly resourceful, agile and organised group of hackers. Using a combination of mass exploitation and targeted attacks, they are responsible for breaking into some of the best protected organisations in the world.

Find out more about the tools and tactics that Hidden Lynx is leveraging to gain access to confidential information in this webcast. Our Symantec expert will also analyse three targeted attacks and discuss their devastating impact, so that you can be better informed and adopt a more comprehensive defence against such attacks.

Speaker: Eugene Teo, Senior Manager, Security Response

1 Symantec, Norton Cyber Crime Report 2013

What is your level of Cyber Resilience?

Use the Symantec Cyber Resilience Assessment. Find out what cyber risks your organisation faces and how to become more Cyber Resilient.