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Buying Programs

Symantec licensing programs are designed to streamline the purchase of Symantec software, incorporating support and maintenance services. A Symantec agreement number (SAN) is issued with every license in all our licensing programs. Customers can view, track, and manage all licenses and renewals using their SAN.
With several program choices aligned to a variety of business requirements, these licensing programs offer the ability to earn greater discounts and to effectively track and manage software licenses.
Looking for licensing information on a specific Symantec product? Please contact Symantec Sales or Symantec Support.

Licensing Details for Each Symantec Product Type

Symantec On-Premise Software Products

Symantec Software Licensing Programs are designed to streamline the purchase of Symantec software, and the purchase of support and maintenance services for that software. Use the green Show More link in this section to view a table of the different programs Symantec offers.
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Program Term Type De-centralized Purchasing (subsidiaries/ affiliates) Agreement Type Discounts
Express No Contract   Certificate Transactional
Rewards Auto-Renewal Online Terms & Conditions Certificate-Based Rewards
eFlex Fixed Contract Contract-Based Negotiation
VPA Fixed Contract Contract-Based Negotiation
Government No Contract   Certificate Transactional
Academic-Charitable No Contract   Certificate Transactional
Academic-Subscription Auto-Renewal   Certificate Transactional

Know Your Options: Symantec Support Services

  • Essential Support
    The recommended level of support for most enterprises. Provides 24x7 access to Symantec's support experts, software version upgrades, and faster support response times.
  • Business Critical Catered level of protection for large enterprises contracts. Personalized, proactive support, 24x7.

Symantec.cloud Hosted Products

Hosted software delivered by Symantec.cloud products is maintained by subscription service contracts. Subscription prices are based on the model of the product.
Please contact Symantec Sales or a Symantec Reseller for more information.



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