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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Support Bring Your Own Device initiatives confidently with a mobile solution that includes advanced application protection.
Say yes to BYOD with confidence
Say Yes to BYOD with Confidence
BYOD doesn’t have to be scary. With the right tools to deliver and protect valuable company data, it is possible and practical to support user-owned devices in a variety of environments, including those that are highly regulated.
Exploiting the Business Potential of BYOD
How implementing the right mobile computing strategy can enable BYOD while protecting valuable business assets.
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Enabling BYOD with a Complete Mobile Adoption Strategy (4:32)
Define a complete mobile adoption strategy with employee productivity and satisfaction.


Bring Your Own Device is all the rage, but it’s scary too. Many companies are looking to mobile applications as the next frontier of productivity and competitive advantage. And leveraging devices that employees already own and know how to use effectively seems to be a smart way to go. They are not accepting of the controls imposed to protect corporate data, your initiatives will go nowhere.


A powerful strategy to address the complex BYOD issues is to focus on the source of concern, the data itself and the applications that access it. Instead of trying to control the entire device, you can intelligently apply controls to individual applications, without touching or affecting the rest of the device or the users’ personal information.
Note that considerations must be made for both native apps, those installed on the device itself, and cloud apps and services, those accessed directly from the mobile device, typically with no corporate visibility. For native apps, controls and security policies may be applied directly to each app, according to the regulations and risk tolerance around the data being accessed, stored and transmitted. This avoids having to apply policies broadly over the entire device and potentially creating liability and privacy issues over personal assets. For cloud apps, an identity-controlled portal may be established for business use of these services, adding a layer of visibility and control, without impeding the productivity inherent to the cloud. Single sign-on functionality will simplify access for the users and allow IT organizations to control, limit and revoke access to third party apps and services from a central console.

Symantec Products that Support BYOD

App Center

Allows policy and security controls per application.

Symantec O3

An identity controlled gateway for cloud applications and services.
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