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Virtualize Tier 1 Applications Faster

Accelerate virtualization of business critical applications by increasing visibility and control across application tiers, improving storage I/O performance and availability and unifying backup and recovery across physical and virtual domains – all while maintaining security and compliance you can trust.
Virtualization Solutions for Applications
  • Improved Availability & Performance
  • Increased Application & Data Protection
  • Reduced Infrastructure & Management Costs
Reference Architecture: Tier 1 Applications
Symantec reference architectures for the virtualization of Microsoft® SQL Server®, Microsoft SharePoint®, and Microsoft Exchange Server®.
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Symantec ApplicationHA: Intelligent Application Awareness in Virtual Environments
This paper explains how organizations can overcome the barrier to virtualization of mission-critical applications with ApplicationHA. ApplicationHA opens the floodgates for migration of Tier 1 mission-critical applications to virtual environments.
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VMware® Virtualization

Reference Architectures for Business Critical Virtualization

Symantec now offers reference architectures for business critical virtualization to facilitate faster deployments of Microsoft® applications on VMware® virtualization server platforms, enhanced by Symantec software. These specialized solution blueprints demonstrate how organizations can meet the demands for application performance, availability, security, and cost with server virtualization solutions.
The development and validation of these solutions follows industry-standard enterprise architecture development methods, as defined by The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), to accelerate adoption into your production environment. Documented best practices help increase the business value and return on investment from Symantec virtualization server software to effectively accelerate next phase deployments of virtualization initiatives. Architectures within this series include Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange and Sharepoint.

Reference architectures include these Symantec products to help you protect and manage your virtual applications for:

  • Visibility and control of virtual applications.
  • Improved storage I/O performance and availability.
  • Unified protection across physical and virtual systems.


ApplicationHA provides high availability for business-critical applications through unique application visibility and control by integrating with VMware HA, vMotion, and Site Recovery Manager to manage and monitor hundreds of applications’ health through VMware vCenter.

Operations Manager

Veritas Operations Manager is a comprehensive management platform, for Storage Foundation and Cluster Server environments, that helps you optimize your data center assets with a solution to centralize visibility and control, ensure availability, scale operations, increase storage utilization, and maintain compliance.

Dynamic Multi-Pathing for VMware

Dynamic Multi-Pathing for VMware is integrated into VMware vCenter to improve storage I/O performance and availability for VMware ESX attached storage, reroute I/Os to available data paths in the event of a failure and automatically restore failed paths that become healthy.

Storage Foundation

Symantec Storage Foundation powered by Symantec provides a complete tiered storage solution for heterogeneous online tier storage management based on the industry-leading Veritas technology in Symantec Replicator Option and Cluster File System.


NetBackup with V-Ray technology unifies physical and virtual backup, deduplication, replication, snapshots, and appliances with support for VMware and Hyper-V in a single solution.

Backup Exec

Backup Exec delivers powerful and reliable backup and recovery for virtual and physical environments. It includes integrated high speed data deduplication in a single award winning solution designed for small to medium sized businesses and remote offices.

Data Center Security: Server & Server Advanced

Allows organizations to secure their physical and virtual servers, and to evolve their data center security architectures as they build out software defined data centers.

Workspace Virtualization

Symantec Workspace Virtualization simplifies application packaging and delivery, reduces application conflicts and testing requirements, and makes it possible to run incompatible applications at the same time. Workspace Virtualization helps IT organizations improve management and control over endpoints to reduce the total cost of ownership of laptops and desktops.

Workspace Streaming

Symantec Workspace Streaming enables on-demand application provisioning, real-time software license management, and instant application upgrades. Workspace Streaming increases end-user productivity with controlled, guaranteed access to any Windows- based applications from any location at any time, including remote and mobile users.


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