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Baptist Health

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Delivering healthcare to hundreds of thousands of residents in the greater Montgomery, Alabama, metropolitan area, Baptist Health operates six healthcare facilities with more than 2,000 employees. Managing a growing pool of patient data and a swelling population of hospital applications was stressing its data center operations to the breaking point: Daily 23-hour tape rotations were unable to properly protect and back up the organization’s data. Using data protection and disaster recovery solutions from Symantec, the healthcare system’s IT department was able to drastically reduce backup times while eliminating redundant data, providing a scalable solution for future growth.

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Organization Profile

  • Website: www.baptistfirst.org
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Headquarters: Montgomery, Alabama
  • Employees: 3,500


  • Server platform: VMware ESX Server 4.0; Microsoft Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, Windows NT 4, SUSE Linux Enterprise 10
  • Applications: Novell Groupwise; Mckesson Star, McKesson Pathways Products, Statcom, WindScribe
  • Databases: Access, MSSQL, Oracle
  • Storage: EMC CLARiiON CX4, AX4
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