Iskander Sanchez-Rola

Iskander Sanchez-Rola is currently Principal Researcher at Symantec Research Labs. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Deusto (Spain), advised by Igor Santos and Davide Balzarotti. He has carried out various research stays, including CERT Coordination Center in Carnegie Mellon University, EURECOM, and University of California, Santa Barbara. His main research interest is web security and privacy (e.g., user tracking or browser fingerprinting), and has authored multiple research papers in top venues.

More information about him can be found on his personal website:

Selected Academic Papers

  • Can I Opt Out Yet? GDPR and the Global Illusion of Cookie Control
    Iskander Sanchez-Rola, Matteo Dell’Amico, Platon Kotzias, Davide Balzarotti, Leyla Bilge, Pierre-Antoine Vervier, Igor Santos
    To appear at the 14th ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security (ACM ASIACCS 2019)

    We evaluate both the information presented to users and the actual tracking implemented through cookies; we find that the GDPR has impacted website behavior in a truly global way, both directly and indirectly. On the other hand, we find that tracking remains ubiquitous.