Leyla Bilge

Leyla Bilge is technical director leading the European team of Symantec Research Labs.  She obtained her Ph.D in December 2011 from Eurecom which is based south of France. Her research interests embrace most of the computer security problems with special focus on DNS-based malware detection systems, malware analysis, reverse-engineering, big data analysis and cyber risk predictive analytics. She conducts large-scale data analysis on security data feeds to find novel malware detection systems and discover unrevealed facts about cyber threats. She worked on the development of a malicious domains detection system which performs passive DNS analysis on big collections of DNS data produced by real users. In addition, she was involved in the Symantec's World Wide Intelligence Network Environment project. Currently, she has been focusing on developing risk assessment and risk prediction methodologies that could be useful for enhancing the security of organizations and individuals by introducing proactive security elements to the ecosystem.

Selected Academic Papers