Countdown to GDPR
With less than a year to go, how ready are you?

Find out how to better protect your information, systems and reputation – and turn GDPR to your advantage.

Time is ticking…

Do you know how much personal and sensitive information you have sitting in your on-premises systems and devices, and how much is transacted in the cloud? Can you be certain you’d be able to react swiftly and in accordance with the GDPR’s new requirements?

Can you be certain you’d be able to react swiftly and in accordance with the GDPR’s new requirements?


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Are you one of the 90%* of organisations concerned about getting GDPR compliant on time? With little time left to prepare, our infographic provides a clear pathway to GDPR readiness. Take a look. 

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Get Shadow Data under control


Bring shadow data under control. Get your business in great shape.

Apps, smartphones and information continue to proliferate, and shadow data is everywhere. How can you get it under control? View our infographic to see how the improved information visibility and security required by the GDPR can help you to make better use of all your information, while keeping it protected.

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Need more help?

Need more help?

Symantec is a trusted authority on data management, and can help your organisation plan a risk-based approach for compliance with the GDPR.

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