Demystifying Virtualization For Small Businesses

Virtualization is not new... In fact, the rate of adoption has been growing rapidly for years. If you’re contemplating virtualization, download the "Demystifying Virtualization for Small Businesses" executive brief for insight into benefits, key considerations, and next steps of virtualization for small businesses.

Three Key Trends Driving Small Business Profits in 2011 In this webcast, Gene Marks discusses tracking metrics, utilizing mobile, and leveraging the cloud.

Leveraging "The Cloud" for Small Business In this podcast, guru Gene Marks introduces "The Cloud" to drive IT optimization.

Small Business IT Survival Guide

Small businesses have had to prioritize direct revenue-generating activities and focus less on IT than they have in the past. They need to find solutions that help them maximize budgets, people resources, and even physical space – not just for the initial purchase, but for their ongoing needs as they grow and change.
This site’s resources will help small organizations navigate current economic turmoil and learn how to acquire and maintain technology in a way that is best suited for their finances and overall structure.