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Beat Gameover Zeus

Beat Gameover Zeus

Gameover Zeus, the advanced financial fraud Trojan, has had a lot of news coverage over the past week. But we have some good news to share with you.

Symantec customers are already protected

We’ve been monitoring and protecting against this threat since 2011, so if you have Norton, Symantec Endpoint Protection, Intrusion Prevention System or any of our security .cloud products, you don’t have to worry. You’re protected against Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker.

No need to panic – the truth about the ‘two week’ window

The media has seized on this two-week timeframe and run headlines proclaiming that the Gameover Zeus threat will make a devastating return. This isn’t true. The takedown of the criminal networks was a great success, crippling the spread of the Trojan. And although the criminals will try to get their networks back up, no one knows how long this will take. Regardless, Symantec will continue to update our software to protect our customers against new variants we identify.

Read about the takedown

Free ‘fixtool’ for everyone

Our free tool will check if your computer is infected by Gameover Zeus and remove the Trojan if it’s found. If you’re already protected by Symantec, please tell your family and friends about this tool and help them stay safe online. It’s simple to use and highly effective.


Know how to protect yourself in five steps

1 Look out for suspicious emails - do not open attachments that you are not expecting. This will protect you against many different targeted attacks, including spear phishing and advanced malware.

2 Do not click on links in emails that tell you to download files unless you have requested them. The link might look harmless or appear to be from someone you know, but there are many malicious URLs out there, with new threats emerging every day.

3 Make sure your security software is updated to the latest version. One of the easiest ways to protect yourself from threats such as Gameover Zeus is to ensure you are running the latest version of your security solution. Setting it to update automatically is a good idea. Without this, you are leaving yourself increasingly and unnecessarily vulnerable to attack.

4 Run regular full scans of your computers and backup your files. Backup your files regularly and you have a lot less to fear from ransomware like Cryptolocker. It’s simple to set up a regular and effective backup strategy. Just like the full scans, it can be set up to happen automatically, so you get peace of mind without the hard work.

5 Set strong passwords and update them regularly. The longest standing and still most relevant way to protect your information is by using strong passwords. Choose a password with a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and keyboard symbols such as @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ +. And get into the habit of changing them regularly

Get a visual perspective

View the infographic and anigraphic to learn more about online threats and how to protect yourself. (Source: Symantec ISTR, 2014)

Hear from our experts

Hear Orla Cox (Symantec Security Response Manager) and Sian John (Security Strategy Director) discuss the Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker attacks in detail and address the concerns highlighted in the media.

Watch the talk(45mins)

Symantec Fighting Cyber Crime

Symantec in the news

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