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  2. Storage Management & High Availability: Build Your Resilient Private Cloud

Get the private cloud you want
from the infrastructure you've got

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You have many options for cloud computing. You can outsource operations, buy all new hardware, or use a hybrid model. But these options bring high risk, including loss of control, lack of visibility, and increased costs. Symantec makes your transition to the private cloud seamless and transparent to your business. With Symantec, you can now build your own resilient private cloud without losing the investment you've made in your data center. Get the private cloud you want from the infrastructure you've got by:
  • Implementing automatic business service recovery
  • Deploying resilient storage for your cloud workloads
  • Acquiring intelligence and taking action to increase utilization and control

Resilient Business Services

Learn how Symantec is providing automated, orchestrated recovery of multi-tiered applications running on different operating systems and virtualization technologies.

Resilient Optimized Storage

Why buy more hardware when you can scale with a software storage solution using what you already have? Learn how you can minimize storage sprawl in your virtual environments.

Information to Action

Managing your data center does not have to be a costly nightmare. Learn how you can easily manage your data center with Veritas Operations Manager.
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