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Trust and Your Business
Assure customers your site is safe from search to browse to buy.

Symantec Website Security Solutions take SSL protection and trust to a whole new level. Secure your website, increase customer’s confidence, and reach the full online potential of your business.

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Trust the Link, Trust the Site, Trust the Transaction

Give your customers peace of mind by securing your transactions with Symantec Website Security Solutions featuring Symantec SSL Certificates, the Norton Secured Seal, Symantec Seal-in-Search, a daily website malware scan, and vulnerability assessment.


Trust the Link: Earn More Clicks

People make decisions fast when they browse the web your link has to stand out to earn a click. Symantec Seal-in-Search technology puts the Norton Secured Seal next to your link in search results on enabled browsers and partnering websites. Seal-in-Search shows that your site has been verified by Symantec and passed a website malware scan. Your link is safe to follow.


Trust the Site: Increase Customer Click-Throughs

To keep visitors on your site, you have just seconds to establish trust and credibility. The Norton Secured Seal, the most trusted mark on the Internet, helps assure visitors that your site is legitimate and safe, giving customers the confidence to stay on your site. In fact, 93 of the 100 largest financial institutions worldwide and 92 of the 100 largest banks worldwide are secured by Symantec SSL Certificates.*


Trust the Transaction: Convert Visitors into Customers

Giving customers confidence that their transactions are secure helps reduce shopping cart abandonment.

How to Get a Norton Secured Seal

Symantec Seal-in-Search, the Norton Secured Seal, and a daily website malware scan are included with Symantec SSL Certificates and Symantec Safe Site.
Includes Symantec SSL and related brands, resellers, and affiliates.

Symantec Seal-in-Search

When customers browse online, they often find a long list of websites vying for their business. Symantec Website Security Solutions feature Symantec Seal-in-Search, which puts the Norton Secured Seal next to your link in search results to show that your website is trusted by Symantec.

How It Works

Symantec is the leading SSL provider and the Norton Secured Seal is the most recognized trust mark on the Internet. Before Seal-in-Search, website visitors had to follow a link to see if a website was trusted. Seal-in-Search brings the value of the Norton Secured Seal to search results, so that web users are able to trust your link before they click. Seal-in-Search is seen by consumers who use browsers enabled with security plug-ins, as well as on partner shopping sites and product review pages.
Symantec Seal-In-Search

Why Trust Matters in Search Results

You may spend time and money on search engine optimization and paid advertising to position your links on search results. Yet, your link still has to compete for attention and clicks. Seal-in-Search offers visual differentiation from other links and shows that your website is trusted.

Where to See It

Seal-in-Search technology is enabled by security software providers and websites that partner with Symantec.

For example:
  • Norton Safe Web, active on over 60 million desktops worldwide, displays the Norton Secured Seal next to websites protected by Symantec SSL Certificates and Symantec Safe Site.
Symantec continues to develop partnerships to make Seal-in-Search as widely available as possible. If your product or service would benefit from displaying Seal-in-Search, contact us.

How to Get It

Seal-in-Search is a feature included with Symantec SSL Certificates and Symantec Safe site.
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