Buying Programs

Designed to streamline software ordering and support offerings, our licensing programs provide you with a consistent and flexible way to reduce administrative costs, accelerate procurement capabilities, and enable you to effectively promote and/or sell Symantec products.

Enterprise Service Provider Program

Offers you the choice of buying Symantec software in a monthly subscription-based model, providing you with greater flexibility in how you deliver solutions to your customers.

Strategic Service Provider Program

Enables you to purchase Symantec software, provide integrated services to your customers, and transfer license rights. This program targets managed Internet and outsourced service providers.

Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP)

Enterprise OEM Manager

Enables OEM Partners to deliver leading-edge bundled solutions to their customers.

Restricted Legacy Licensing Programs

As of April 1st, 2017, Symantec is no longer accepting new customer enrollments for the following programs:

Please visit the program page for further details.

Customer Buying Programs

Research the Symantec licensing programs you will use with your clients. You will find programs that cater to small business, enterprise, and the public sector.

Licensing Information

Symantec's innovation and creativity allow us to maintain our position as one of the world's leading cyber security vendors. Symantec has invested heavily in its products through development and acquisition and has a responsibility to protect the value of its Intellectual Property ("IP"). Visit Licensing Information to learn about licensing basics, license compliance and find resources to assist you.

Symantec partners utilize the partner license buying programs listed in this page. Become a Symantec partner and gain access to the benefits these buying programs offer.

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