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Energy Industry

Protecting critical infrastructure and sensitive information at a time of technological change.
Energy Industry
Power & Energy companies are in transition. Internal and external factors including the move to renewable energies are forcing radical change. Smart Grids are digitising the previously isolated electricity distribution control systems to improve operating efficiency and increase flexibility through the use of internet communication technologies. In fact, the current transformation to Smart Grids is the most radical change for the industry in 100 years.

The impact of digitising production systems has been felt in other industries, such as the Oil & Gas sector. The need to control costs while increasing production is driving new investments in IT and technology. But the digitization and the increased dependence on IT bring new challenges, especially in today’s world of cybercrime. Securing critical systems and sensitive data, requires security to be implemented from the beginning. Not only do systems need protecting from attack and their availability assured, but the data, such as valuable Oil & Gas exploration data or confidential private information generated by electricity meters, also needs protecting against loss or attempts at fraud. The recent Shamoon attacks against the Oil & Gas industry in the Middle East and security breaches in SCADA vendor networks underline how vulnerable the energy sector can be to sophisticated attackers.

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Fast, easy, cost-effective data protection in one appliance solution.

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ENPPI Lowers Data Storage Volumes by 67 Percent using Symantec Enterprise Vault

Energy Industry

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