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Manufacturing Industry

The Need for Security in an Evolving Industry. Towards Agile Manufacturing
Manufacturing Industry

The Need for Security in an Evolving Industry;
Enabling Change, Protecting Systems

Focusing on the business challenges of the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing is evolving. Changing customer requirements combined with the constant pressure to reduce costs and improve productivity are driving manufacturers to adopt new business models to retain a competitive edge.

Businesses that are able to integrate their disparate IT systems and manufacturing systems are in the best position to capitalise on market trends. However, such integration can expose organisations to new risks as systems become interdependent. Risks that were previously considered non-critical may increase in severity when systems are interconnected, as the consequences of a threat may impact upon disparate but connected systems. Additionally, the evolving challenges of cyber security mean that attackers could potentially execute malicious code on production systems.

In order to identify and prioritise these threats and deploy suitable mitigation strategies, organisations need to develop a risk management strategy and process. By deploying the correct security architecture and risk management process, organisations can reduce their risk and protect themselves, and their customers, from the consequences of an information security incident.

This executive report contains detailed analysis of the current challenges facing the manufacturing industry and includes recommendations for how organisations can secure the agile manufacturing business to seize the advantages of a new business model while achieving compliance and controlling risks.

Read the executive summary and learn: How to manufacture the secure production line.
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